Causes for Clogged Pipes and DrainsThere are several reasons why drains and pipes become clogged and no longer work correctly. It is important to realize that when water starts draining more slowly or occasionally backs up, it is an early indication a clog is developing. Simply ignoring the problem and hoping the clog will resolve itself is never a good idea.

Eventually, the clog will block the entire drain pipe and could lead to the water overflowing out of the sink, shower, or toilet and onto your floor. Not to mention some backed-up water overflows can be rather messy to clean up and could result in water damage to your home.

  • Hair – Hair is a common cause of clogs as everyone sheds some hair while bathing or showering. Hair also goes down the drain from shaving. To prevent large amounts of hair from going down the drain, you may want to install screens on the drains.
  • Grease/Oil – Some people pour grease and cooking oil directly down their drain. Not only is this bad for your pipes, but also not good for the environment. When grease and oil interact with water, it coagulates and attaches itself to the interior of pipes. Over time, these deposits can restrict water flow and eventually clog. It is better to keep a container to pour the grease and oil into that you can recycle later.
  • Gels and Soaps – Certain types of soaps and gels can coat the interior of pipes, much like grease and oil. Not to mention, hair sticks are easier on the pipes. To help prevent soap and gel buildup in pipes, periodically pour boiling water down drains as this will help break down the deposits.
  • Paper Products – You should never flush non-biodegradable paper products down the toilet, like paper towels and feminine hygiene products. Both of these items can get stuck in drains causing clogs as well as the toilet to overflow.

Toddlers – Your curious toddler can clog and cause problems with clogged toilets. Most children of this age are enticed by the swirling water and seeing toilet paper disappear. It is not uncommon for some children to flush massive amounts of toilet paper down the toilet or even some of their toys.

Tree Roots –

Depending on where you drain pipes run outside of the house, if there are nearby trees, sometimes the roots will grow into the pipes and create clogs.

Certain Food Products Put in the Sink Disposal – Potato peelings and other food products can cause clogs and block pipes as they are not meant to be put into a sink disposal system.

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