One of the most common types of plumbing problems people call Mississauga plumbers for during the winter are burst water pipes after they have frozen. The reason frozen water pipes burst is because they are under extreme pressure. As the water freezes and turns into ice, there is less room in the pipe for water to flow. As the pipe completely freezes, ice tends to expand.

The increase in pressure can result in a small leak at a pipe joint or cause a crack in the pipe itself. It is when the water starts to thaw that things get really wet, messy, and costly. Most homeowners, who have dealt with bursting water pipes after a deep freeze spend on average around $5,000 to get the home dried out, replace anything damaged by the water, and fix the broken pipes.


The best advice plumbers in Mississauga can give on how to prevent frozen water pipes is to take steps to ensure pipes are correctly insulated from the cold. If your home has vented openings for the crawl space or other areas with air leaks where cold air can reach pipes, there is always the risk they could freeze and burst. In addition, it is recommended to use some sort of insulating cover on outdoor water faucets to protect them throughout the winter.


When overnight temperatures turn extremely cold, it is better to keep a few faucets turned on and allow the water to drip throughout the night. Leaving a faucet open prevents pressure from building up in the water pipes, even if they do freeze. Normally, it is best to turn on faucets that are furthest from the point where the main water line enters your home.


For instance, if the main water line is in the back of the house near the kitchen, leaving the kitchen sink dripping does nothing for pipes that could be on the other side of the house and connected to your bathroom. If you are unsure where the water main enters the home, it does not hurt to turn on faucets in multiple areas of the home. Remember to turn on both cold and hot water sides of the faucet. Hot water lines also run underneath the home where they can freeze.


What If My Pipes Freeze?

In the event your pipes freeze, you need to make sure the faucets are open to alleviate pressure within the pipes. Turn off the water main valve, as well, as this will prevent water from free flowing once the pipes thaw and helps avoid water damage should there be a leak or crack in a water pipe.

The next thing you want to do is get the pipes thawed. Thawing pipes can be a time consuming process. Contact an experienced plumber for tips on how to correctly thaw your pipes. Never use an open flame or electric appliance as these can create undesired hazards. Once the pipes have thawed, you need to check for leaks and cracks.

Even if you were lucky and do not notice any cracks or leaks, it is beneficial to have a professional plumber visit your home to help you determine the cause for the frozen pipes, as well as check the integrity of pipes, as next time you might not be as lucky.

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