Best Locking Pliers

If you live in Mississauga, plumbing tools are essential. There are a few new plumbing products on the market to help you deal with those challenging projects, whether you do your own do-it-yourself projects on weekends or you have several Mississauga  Drain Cleaning , Mississauga plumbers use:

Check out the Knipex Cobra with a comfort grip and smaller handle. You can pick from chrome plated, slim or a Cobramatic. The benefit is you have 25 different jaw positions.

Another top option is the Irwin GrooveLock that comes in multiple sizes and has a jaw capacity of up to 6″ if you buy their 20″ version. You can pick from straight jaw, smooth jaw or V-jaw with 16 jaw positions.

No matter which you go with, they’ll both do the same job and offer several benefits!


In Mississauga, plumbing tools are a top priority if you have a leak or weekend project you want to work on. Keep the best tools in your toolbox for all your plumbing needs. Include these essential tools which are the top tools Mississauga plumbers use:

  • Needle Nose Pliers: Used to help grasp small parts, you always want to keep these on hand to grasp small pieces.
  • Plumber’s Tape: To ensure you have a tight seal on threaded pipes, showerheads or faucets, you can look for this Teflon tape at Home Depot and keep a roll in your toolbox.
  • Plumber’s Putty: To make that water tight and water resistant seal, this is the perfect “glue” in sink drains.
  • Basin Wrench: Anogher great wrench for tight spots, this works perfectly when you’re under the sink.

By keeping the essentials handy, you won’t be stuck under the sink all day when the game is on! That’s what weekends are for!

If you’re a weekend DIY plumber in Mississauga, plumbing tools are essential. Trying to find the best tools might have you at Home Depot all day. You might have dozens of tools depending on the type of projects you’re facing. Break down your tools by the type of project you’re working on:

  • sink installation and repairs
  • washing machine installations
  • toilet and tub replacements and repairs

Be sure to research the parts you will need ahead of time so you don’t have to make another trip back to Home Depot – unless you want to see that new outdoor grill again!