Before you know it, another cold winter will soon be upon us. Now is the time to start winterizing your home to protect from the long cold days ahead. Not taking the time to prepare your home can lead to costly repairs down the road, like frozen and burst water pipes. In fact, one of the leading causes of wintertime damage to homes is from water damage from a burst pipe.

To avoid costly damage to your home, the Plumbers Mississauga  at My Precise Plumbing offer these valuable tips and suggestions to prepare your home for winter:

  1. Verify your basement is properly waterproofed. Wet and damp basements can turn into bigger problems if cracks in the home’s foundation develop and become bigger. These same small openings can also allow freezing air into the home and cause pipes to freeze.
  2. Have exposed interior pipes wrapped in insulating materials. Whether under your home in a crawl space or your basement, wrapping exposed pipes provides an added layer of protection from cold temperatures.
  3. Shut off outdoor faucets and cover. Outside water faucets should be turned off, the water drained out of the line, and covered. Covering the faucets helps prevent the transfer of cold down the water line and into the home. Draining the water from the line will prevent the pipes from freezing.
  4. Verify exterior plumbing from wells is protected. If you have a well, take the time to inspect the pipes that run from the well into your home. Above ground pipes need to be properly wrapped and insulated. Below ground pipes should be buried at the proper depth to prevent freezing.
  5. Shut down your AC and prepare your furnace. Test your furnace now to make sure it is functioning correctly. You should also inspect and replace air filters and remember to turn your humidifier to the winter setting if it has been shut off throughout the summer.
  6. Check for air leaks around windows and doors. If you notice areas around windows or doors where you can sunlight coming in or feel air drafts, you need to seal these up using an appropriate winterization door or window kit.
  7. Clean leaves and debris out of eaves and gutters. Wet, damp leaves, combined with heavy snow falls can cause your eaves and gutters to become over-weighted and be pulled off the home. In addition, improper draining eaves and gutters and cause water to get under shingles and siding, where it can freeze and lead to even bigger problems.
  8. Have your hot water heater serviced. It is beneficial to have your hot water heater serviced to verify it is operating correctly. You should also consider getting the heater wrapped in an approved insulated “blanket” to help prevent heat loss and improve its efficiency.

For assistance with all of your plumbing winterization and waterproofing preparations Mississauga, please feel free to call My Precise Plumbing at 647-878-9293 today!