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Benefits of Regular Drain Cleaning in Mississauga

Drainage cleaning in Mississauga is perhaps one of the most overlooked aspect when it comes to the maintenance of your home. A comprehensive drain pipe actually receives all the water that comes from the small pipes in your home . While a drain pipe is usually pretty tough, a lot of times it also carries a lot of rubbish or debris that might have come from your sink, tub, toilet or dishwasher.


There are a lot of reasons why you should get your drain cleaned in Mississauga on a regular basis. We have some of the benefits of regular drain cleaning listed for you-



If there are small clogs in your shower or sink, you can sort them out a lot of times on your own. In case you get a clog that just won’t go, a good drain cleaning is of huge importance. Getting your drain cleaned will prevent overflowing. Overflowing leads to leakage or a blast in the drain pipe. Thus, it then gets a lot more messy and expensive.

Regular drain cleaning Mississauga will prevent you from getting in such an ugly situation.



Water clogging in the drain results in a very bad odor at your home. The biggest challenge is getting rid of this odor. Therefore, it is best to try and prevent this odor from even coming into existence. Regular drain cleaning actually prevents this odor to get there from the sewers. If your drains are proper in functioning, the bad odors will always stay where they belong, and not inside your house.



It is common knowledge that the water from drains and sewers is really contaminated. With a lot of bacteria, bugs and other polluting elements, this water coming into your house is never good news. This gets converted into a huge health scare too. If you stay careful enough to get your drains cleaned regularly, the health of all the members in your family stays in check as no polluted water enters your household.



If you ask for the services of Mississauga Drain Cleaning technicians to look after your faulty drain pipe, they also have an inspection at the other smaller pipes in the drain mechanism which might be rusting or just ready to burst or leak. In such a situation, your expenses in getting them repaired are a lot less when compared to the time when these pipes all get so damaged that they need your immediate attention.

Call Us To Get the Best Drain Cleaning Services in Mississauga

It is essential to get that drain cleaned regularly, because you get yourself sorted from all sorts of time consuming troubles and expenses which will not actually get you any sort of good news at all.

If you have any kind of trouble related to your drain and plumbing system in Mississauga, get in touch with Precise Plumbing who provide you with the best services through a team of professionally trained executives.

Connect today and get a consultation for your queries to drain cleaning.

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Signs of a Plumbing and Drains Blockage

Some of the worst nightmares that no one would wish to experience at any time is having to flash your toilet and have it overflow on the floor. Also, seeing your sink not getting empty all over sudden can be quite annoying. These are some of the reasons that will make any homeowner to call an emergency plumbing and drains service providers.

A clogged drain could be associated with the local pipe that attaches to the sink, shower or toilet. In some cases, however, the clog could be found in the primary sewer drain. Whichever the scenario, the effects of such incidences could lead to a big mess.

Fortunately, clogged drains give you early warning signs before they have a complete failure. If you can identify those signs and symptoms, you will be lucky since you can contact a Mississauga Drain Cleaning  before the issue turns into a disaster.

Some of the most common signs of a clogged drain are:

Slow or failed draining

It is so far the most common and alerting sign of a clogged drain. Having a slow emptying of the tub or sink means that something is blocking the drainage system and needs to be checked. This problem continues to get worse over time and could lead to water overflow and accumulate on the floor.

Foul or unpleasant odors

When the drain is clogged, water and debris continue to accumulate at the back of the stoppage. With time, the decomposing debris and the stagnant water begin to let out a foul odor that starts to spread through the air, and you can detect it all over the rooms around the shower, toilet or sink. This one of the signs that will help you take action concerning the issue.

Producing gurgling sounds

Drain blockage causes the fixtures to produce a gurgling sound as water drains. For example, if you have a clog in the main sewer, you may hear that sounds coming from your tub or as you drain the sink.

Changes in the flush

A blockage will cause the level of water to increase whenever you flash. Also, the problem could affect filling and lead to a low level of water in the bowl. A clog in the sewer drain could also lead to water overflowing in the shower or tub.

Plants growing around your sewer line

This sign is different from the rest since the other signs are seen inside the room. When it comes to plants, you are likely to see them from outside. Plants growing around the sewer line can cause a disaster since the roots can damage the water systems underground and therefore requires attention as soon as possible.

Blocked drains are more than a nuisance. You need to be an attentive homeowner to detect the issue before it gets out of hands. Detecting these signs and more helps in attending the issue before it becomes a major plumbing problem. Having a professional plumbing contractor monitor, the drain system from time to time will do you good and helps in saving a lot by avoiding large problems. Contact Precise Plumbing in Mississauga today, Ontario and let our experienced team handle the problem for you.

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Common Drain Problems in Mississauga

A defective drainage system can cause frustration to the people living in a building if not detected and fixed in good time. Drainage problems can occur at anytime, and they require professional handling to ensure they do not recur. Old effluent pipes require regular inspection and repairs as they are more likely to have defects. The following are some of the most common problems that affect homeowners in Mississauga.


Foul odors

Leaky drainage systems can fill the house with unpleasant smells making the home uncomfortable for the residents. The foul odors arise from a number of causes which should be addressed by a professional plumber in Mississauga. The occurrence of unpleasant smells is an indication of serious problems in the system. Sometimes the problem is easy to identify, but in other cases, it may be deep in the system.

Homeowners should always consider hiring professionals to inspect their systems when they develop problems. A professional plumber has the skills and expertise to identify all the problems in the system and fix them. Hiring a poorly qualified technician can result in complicating the problem.



Flooding is most common during the rainy season in areas with the poor drainage system. Water can flood your home and damage your property if water and sewer pipes burst and remain unattended. Pipes can break for various reasons and therefore need regular inspection to ensure any defects are addressed before they become complicated.

Professional plumbers can help reduce the damage caused by water leaking from broken pipes. Water pipes get damaged from old age, disrepair, or exposure to weather elements. Plumbing technicians can identify the actual cause of the problems and deal with it to avoid similar cases in future.



The problem of blocked drainage pipes is common in old buildings whose systems cannot handle increased effluence. A blocked drainage can lead to flow backs that can make the house uncomfortable to inhabit. Clogging of the drainage pipes is caused by various reasons which need an expert inspection to identify and fix and defects.

Professional plumbers have equipment that helps them precisely detect and fix the problem fast. Modern plumbers employ technologically advanced tools to unclog the pipes. The equipment used includes cameras and other diagnostic devices that help fix the problem without tearing the walls apart.

Since you are likely to have a problem with your drainage, it is advisable to be ready for such an occurrence. Identify an experienced plumber in your area you can call when you have drainage problems in Mississauga area. The Mississauga Drain Cleaning and Repair expert you select should have the necessary certification besides being experienced. The technician can schedule regular visits to your home to inspect the system to identify and fix defects before they get out of hand. Working closely with the expert will help you get tips and recommendations on the best way to use your system to avoid some of the problems.

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The Benefits of Tankless Water Heaters Compared to Traditional Water Heaters

The Benefits of Tankless Water Heaters Compared to Traditional Water HeatersRather than storing 30 to 50 gallons of water, or more in a tank and using energy to keep the water heated to the desired temperature levels, a tankless water heater operates much differently. When you turn on a faucet in the home for hot water, the tankless heater makes the hot water “on demand.” As a result, these types of water heaters are much more energy efficient because they only use electricity, natural gas, or propane, when you turn on the hot water. With traditional tanks, the heater can turn on numerous times throughout the day to keep stored water heated.


Another benefit of a tankless water heater is a reduction in your overall energy usage, which translates to lower hydro and gas bills, and can be as much as a 20% decrease depending on the amount of hot water your home uses. Over time, the energy savings alone, can easily offset the initial costs to convert your home to a tankless water heater. Plus, tankless models tend to last five to ten years longer than traditional water heater models.

A tankless water heater also uses less water. Instead of having to turn on the faucet and wait for the water to get hot, quit common with a traditional tank water heater, a tankless heater delivers hot water immediately. So you will also see a reduction in water usage and lower monthly bills.

In some cases, the Canadian government may offer special rebates and incentives on tankless water heaters, especially if they are Energy Star® certified. Remember to check out Natural Resources Canada or talk to your Mississauga plumbing company to see what incentives are currently being offered.

There are several different models of tankless water heaters, and installation is fairly easy, as long as you have a professional plumber do the work. The tankless heater can be installed in the same location as your current water heater and use the existing water, electrical connections, and natural gas line (if applicable).

Since tankless heaters take up significantly less space, they provide more flexibility where they can be installed within your home. They can be installed under sink cabinets, on walls, and other such locations. If you want the heater installed in a different are of the home, it is possible, so long as water, electricity, and gas lines are accessible.

To learn more about tankless water heaters for your home, help deciding which models would be best, or to find out current incentives on Energy Star® models, please feel free to contact Precise Plumbing at 647-878-9293 today!

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Mississauga Plumbers Share Tips for Finding Water Leaks

Mississauga Plumbers Share Tips for Finding Water LeaksNot all water leaks are easy to spot and find, like an annoying dripping faucet or the pooling water underneath a sink. Sometimes, leaks can occur in other areas of the home that are not as easily accessible or can even be out of sight. Just because you do not hear the drip, drip, drip sound of water or hear water flowing through the pipes within your home does not mean water is not leaking somewhere.


Water leaks can occur just about anywhere inside and outside the home. Even though they are hard to find, there are some telltale signs to pay attention to and if you notice them, contact a Mississauga plumbing company immediately for assistance. Ignoring the problem will not resolve it and will only lead to more costly repairs down the road.


Sign #1 – Water Bills Are Increasing

It is a good idea to keep track of your water usage and monitor it from month-to-month. Most households tend to use about the same amount, except for a few minor exceptions, like filling up the swimming pool in summer or when house guests visit over the holidays. If you notice a big spike in your water bill, but had no reason for the extra usage, you could have a leak.


Sign # 2 – The Appearance of Mildew and Mold

Both mildew and mold like moist, wet, and damp areas, which are common in the bathroom. However, if you notice mildew and mold growing in other areas of the home, like on the walls or along baseboards, it indicates a water problem and potential leak.


Sign # 3 – Your Water Meter Constantly Ticks

If you have easy access to your water meter – some are actually outside the home in the ground – while others are just inside the home where the main water line comes inside – one way to check for leaks is to listen to see if it constantly ticks when all water is shut off. If it is ticking, then that means there is a water leak.


Sign # 4 – Discoloured Floors, Walls, or Ceilings

Discolourations in the floor’s, wall’s, or ceiling’s primary finish is due to leaking water creating a wet spot, which starts to dry, but then is exposed to more water, and the process continues until it softens the area, cracks, and becomes an even bigger mess.


Sign # 5 – Newly Formed Cracks in the Foundation/Basement Floor

As homes age and settle, it is normal to find cracks along the foundation or even in the basement floor. However, if the occurrence of these cracks seems to be occurring more frequently or existing cracks are becoming bigger, it could be from a water leak.


If you notice any of the above signs or need help finding a water leak inside your home, please feel free to contact Precise Plumbing at 647-878-9293 and schedule an appointment with one of our plumbing experts today!

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5 Must Know Tips That Can Save You From Calling Emergency Plumbers in Mississauga

Five Must Know Tips That Can Save Your From Calling Emergency Plumbers in MississaugaWinter in Mississauga can be unforgiving when the temperatures dip down below freezing and the winds pick up speed. It is during these times, homeowners experience the most frequent problem with their plumbing in the winter: frozen pipes.


If you remember back to your chemistry or science courses, when water freezes it expands. This is why you hear nightmares about people’s homes getting flooded in the winter from frozen water lines. As the ice expands inside the pipe, it places added pressure on connections and different sections of the plumbing. Unfortunately, eventually something has to give, so the pipe can crack or be pulled apart at a connection, leading to water seeping in. As the pipes warm up and thaw, the water will quickly pour out of any openings and flood the home.


To avoid having to call emergency plumbers Mississauga from Precise Plumbing, we offer the following suggestions to prevent frozen water lines in the winter:


1. Keep outside doors closed. Water lines are ran into homes in different areas, which could include your garage and basement. During the winter, avoid leaving the garage door open for an extended period of time, especially on cold days. In the basement, make sure any doors and/or windows are closed. If you have a crawl space under the home, close any air vents around the exterior of the home in the winter, to block out cold air.


2. Open cabinet doors on extremely cold days. Allow warm air to get under sinks and around the water lines. The air will also circulate into the interior parts of the home and could prevent water lines from freezing.


3. Never shut off your heat. Hydro and energy bills can be expensive in the winter and some homeowners try to save money by shutting off their furnaces while they are away from the home. While temperatures inside the home might not get too cold, the interior areas of the home could potentially fall below freezing. Rather, it is better to turn down the thermostat three to five degrees lower than your preferred “at-home” temperature.


4. Verify pipes are properly insulated. The water lines leading into your home need to be buried deep enough underground to prevent freezing. In cases where they cannot be buried as deeply as required, they need to be properly insulated to keep the cold out. Indoor pipes also need sufficient insulation within the interior walls, attic, basement, and/or crawl space.


5. Wrap exposed pipes. It is also beneficial to wrap exposed plumbing with an approved product to further protect against cold and freezing temperatures. Outdoors use special covers to put over exposed water faucets.


In addition, if you know certain areas of your home are not fully protected from freezing temperatures, you can turn on sink faucets and allow the water to drip out slowly to help prevent them from freezing solid until temperatures warm back up, but this will increase your water bill. For assistance in ensuring your water lines are protected from freezing, or in the event you do experience frozen pipes, feel free to contact the plumbing experts at Precise Plumbing by calling 647-878-9293 now!

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