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Water is one of the most used resources in the world and we need to ensure the water we are using is safe and free of harmful contaminants. Whether you are using the water for your home or for commercial properties, it is important that it is safe for consumption. Untreated water can contain high mineral content of magnesium, calcium and more, heavy metals, chlorine, and other harmful bacteria. Not only can these contaminants be harmful to you and your family, these contents can also cause corrosion to household appliances and your pipes in your home or business location.
Most people are not aware of the dangers of tap water, considering your water supply company may claim that the water is safe and free from contamination. However, this is not always the case and water sometimes are not being properly filtered which can be a danger to you and your family. There may be dirt in the pipes and harmful bacteria which will enter your water supply. The definitive solution to ensure you are consuming the safest and cleanest water in your home and/or business, is for Precise Plumbing to have a water treatment system unit installed. Our Etobicoke plumbers have many years experience in installing water treatment systems and always use the highest quality products to ensure the best results possible.

Choosing the Best Water Treatment System Dealers in Etobicoke


There are a wide range of different water treatment systems that be installed, as well as different dealers who offer these services. The water treatment system will work the most efficient depending on the quality and how the dealer installs the product. Here at Precise Plumbing, we offer only the highest quality water treatment systems and our professional Etobicoke plumbers have over 20 years experience in installing and servicing water treatment systems. We will discuss and educate the best water treatment system that best fits your goals to ensure you are happy with the product installed. We offer a wide range of water treatment products such as water softeners, UV disinfection systems, domestic reverse osmosis systems and basic filtration systems. After installation, our plumbers in Etobicoke will be more than happy to checkup or your systems and do any required repairs.

Benefits of Water Treatment Systems Units from Precise Plumbing

The most beneficial factor of having a water treatment system unit installed is to have that guarantee that your water is clean and safe for you and your family, or for your business. Not only will you have that peace of mind that your drinking and bathing water is free from harmful bacteria and chemicals, the taste of your water will improve dramatically as well, without using chemicals to achieve this flavor. By having Precise Pluming come and install one of our water treatment system units, you are guaranteed your water is safe for your household or business.

How do the Water Treatment System Units Operate?

Each unit functions differently when it comes to water treatment systems. Precise Plumbing will have a detailed discussion with you to discuss your different options when deciding what system should be installed to fit with your needs and budget. Although each unit is effective in removing harmful contaminants in your water, the type of unit that should be installed is highly dependent on what components are found in your current water source.


If high amounts of harmful soluble salts are identified to be in your water supply, then a softener-based system would be best recommended to remove these damaging contaminants through processes such as ion exchange and electrodialysis. The Reverse Osmosis process, which involves forcing water molecules through a semi-permeable membrane leaving behind the destructive particles, will be used to remove these dangerous insoluble salts’ molecules from your water.


Another technique that is used to kill harmful organisms is exposing them to UV lights. The UV light water treatment system kill the dangerous organisms that may be in your drinking water and prevents them from entering your body.


To ensure you are safeguarding your water from harmful chemicals and components, Precise Plumbing recommends a water treatment be installed in your home or business. This will ensure you are only consuming the highest quality water possible and we will be more than happy to come visit your home or office for a free consultation regarding the installation of a water treatment system. Contact us at (647) 233-6203 to take the next step of living a healthier lifestyle and have one of our highly trained Etobicoke plumbers come and install a water treatment system.