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3 Times You Must Call a Plumber

You Must Call a Plumber

Some home plumbing issues look like a quick fix only to end up making matters worse. Even though you are very skilled with home repairs there are situations that are beyond your skills and you need to call a professional. You might have a few tools in your tool box to fix some minor plumbers in Oakville, but there are some major plumbing projects that require a professional. If you have a major plumbing project do not dive into it if you lack the know how to handle the situation. This is because you could end up injures or with major property damage.

If you come across any of these problems, call a Oakville plumbers immediately.

  1. Low water pressure

Low water pressure in the house can be quite frustrating. Your faucets may be taking forever to fill up the water tub or your shower head does not give you a strong spray and this can be a cause of frustration. Low water pressure can be caused by a number of reasons such as a half open water valve, a failing pressure regulator, or clogged pipes. Finding the reason for low pressure can be difficult. In your frustration do not be tempted to fix the issue yourself because you might end up making the problem worse. A professional plumber will pinpoint the source of the problem and come up with an appropriate solution.

  1. Pipe bursts

Bursting pipes is a common plumbing problem in home plumbing systems especially in the winter. However freezing is not the only reason why pipes can burst. If they are old, damaged or being misused they could also burst. A bursting pipe can have devastating effects and cause loss of property. When this happens you need to shut off the water then call a professional to fix the problem before cleaning up the mess. A professional will be in a position to find the source of the leak. They will also give you recommendations on how you can prevent pipe bursts in the future.

  1. Major installations

Even though you are on a budget, some major installations should be left to the experts. Attempting to install some appliances yourself without the experience or the knowledge can result in expensive repairs as well as entire re-installations. This is the reason it is emphasized that you have a plumber on site when handling a home renovation or large overhauls. Some of this projects include relocating items such as sinks and dishwashers that will require you to move supply lines and emergency drain cleaning Oakville. Attempting these projects by yourself can ruin a whole renovation. To be safe and save a whole load of money involve a professional.

There are some plumbing projects such as changing a faucet that you can handle on your own. Before you can handle any plumbing issue remember to turn off the water. Even if you choose to handle a project by yourself, make sure you have a professional plumber’s number. It could come in handy when something goes horribly wrong.

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Basic Way to Prolong the Life of Your Plumbing System

Basic Way to Prolong the Life for Plumbing

Many homeowners only call Oakville plumbers when there are plumbing emergencies. However, this is not the appropriate thing to do because, as a homeowner, you have to be in touch with a plumber before an emergency occurs. Regular plumbing system inspection and maintenance will go a long way in reducing the chances of a plumbing disaster. Failure to do so can lead to burst pipes, water leaks, and basement flooding, which can cause losses amounting to thousands of dollars. Below is a discussion about how to take care of your home’s plumbing system and who you can call in case you need professional plumbing assistance.

Septic Tanks

Anyone who has experienced a septic tank flood understands quite well the kind of a nightmare it can be. Indeed, septic tanks can cause a home disaster of a monstrous proportion. System defects and severe storms can cause your septic tank to overflow or malfunction, causing severe damages to your home. It is, therefore, imperative to have tour septic tank checked at least once per year by a licensed master plumber. If your city experiences higher amounts of rains, you should have your septic tank checked more often. It is also wise to install battery power-backed sump pumps just in case of an emergency.

Water Leaks

It is essential that you regularly inspect every area of your house for potential water leaks. That means that your HVAC system has to be inspected for possible leaks. You also have to check the faucets for excessive dripping and moisture accumulation on pipes and appliances. This should also be done at least one time every year. By doing so, it will be possible to find leaks in their initial stages to avert potential flooding situations, mold problems, and structural damages, and this could save you a lot of money.

Water Heaters and Conditioners

The water pressure is an important factor to consider when determining whether your plumbing has a problem. Thus, it is imperative to check the faucets and shower heads for reduced water pressure. Low water pressure can be a sign of sediment buildup or faulty water lines. Sediment buildup can lead to corrosion and poor performance of the water heater. In such a case, the solution would be to seek the assistance of a professional to empty the water heater and get rid of the sediments.

The Takeaway

Overall, it is apparent that your plumbing system can be a cause of trouble if not properly maintained. Indeed, flooding from a defective plumbing system can lead to huge damages on your goods. It can also encourage the growth of mold and negatively affect the structure of your house. Thus, it is imperative to get all the major components of your plumbing system inspected regularly. You should also be on the lookout and take note of the changes of the water pressure in your house. Most importantly, you should seek the assistance of a qualified plumber to inspect your plumbing system and do the necessary repairs and maintenance on a regular basis. If you need professional plumbers in Oakville, Ontario, Precise Plumbing is a partner you can trust. Contact us today to ensure that your plumbing system is always in good shape.

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Keeping Your Plumbing Flowing During The Holiday Festivities

Disposals Cannot “Eat” Everything

When a garbage disposal is used like it is supposed to be used, it can help us with the dirtiest jobs in the kitchen. A disposal can get rid of food or liquids that will make the trash can smell very bad. Even the best garbage disposals cannot handle some food items. There are certain food items that belong in the trash can and not in the disposal.

Asparagus and celery are two of these foods. These vegetables have so many fibers in them that they can wrap around the blade of the disposal and grind it to a halt. Potato peels will create a starchy paste in a disposal and clog it up. Fat, grease, and oils will solidify around the blade and in the drain pipe, limiting the movement of the blade and the flow of water. When it comes to pasta and rice, we all know that it expands when it gets wet, even after they are cooked all the way. Putting a lot of noodles in a disposal can make it too full before we know what is going on. The only bones that should be in a drain are fine fish bones. Turkey bones and any large bones need to be disposed of in a trash can.

Prepare a Plan

If you have never cleaned out a clogged garbage disposal by yourself before, there is no time like the present to do so. The best source for this information is the instruction manual that came with the disposal. If you no longer have this manual, you can look for it online by looking for the disposal’s manufacturer’s name and model number. The majority of disposals have a manual crank at the bottom that makes it possible to turn the blade when it is stuck.. Even when a disposal is not connected to its power source, it is not safe to put your arm into it. Therefore, the manual crank is the best way to get rid of clogs. Some disposals can turn themselves off when they are clogged so the motor will not be harmed. If a disposal does have this feature, the owner will have to push the reset button to turn the disposal back on after the clog is cleared.

Getting Your “Full House” Ready For “Royal Flushes”

No matter whether you have company over for an evening or will have a house full of guests for the holidays, your bathrooms will be used a lot more than usual. Prior to your guests showing up, look at your toilet flapper to ensure that it is good condition and everything is in its place. It is also to keep a plunger near the toilet just in case it gets stopped up. Your guests will also need to schedule their showers so everyone can have a hot shower. It is also a good idea to set the water heater thermostat to lower than 120 degrees which are the highest safe setting to get a boost for a little while by increasing the temperature to that setting. For the people that host people every year, getting a tankless water heater. They cost more for the initial investment, but they are more energy efficient than the traditional water heater repairs and the water heater will never be drained of hot water because they have on-demand heating.

These ideas will help you have one less thing to worry about during the busy and hectic holiday season. If you follow them, your plumbing will flow during the holiday festivities and your plumber will not be joining your party.


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Commercial Plumbing Requirement For Hair Salon

Plumbing Installation in Salon

When you are running a business, it is important to keep it in a state of smooth functioning. To keep it in a good running state, every business has different requirements. If you own a hair salon though, plumbing is simply the most critical element of your operations.

Not only a hair salon, but for any commercial establishment, you need to have a good plumbing system in place. Plumbing might not be visible to the eye most of the times, but it runs through the entire structure of a building or a house.

It can also be vaguely related to the nervous system in a human body. With such an important role to play, it is important that you find a good plumbing company for your requirements commercially.

A hair salon involves a huge amount of water requirement for the various services it offers. You can find some of the services on offer in a hair salon here:

  • Hair colouring
  • Hair texturing
  • Hair dressing
  • Hair Spa
  • Hair Wash

Now, a densely populated area comes with its fair share of challenges, and Dundas St E Road area in Oakville is no different. Plumbers in Oakville are tough to find, given the sheer demographics of it all. You might come across that odd plumber Oakville who is willing to provide services to you after a long time of searching.

It is always better to look for a good plumbing company for your requirements as they always give that professional touch in their services that leave you free of worry for a long span of time. And when it is your place of work that needs some plumbing work, a good company is the best bet.

Why Plumbing Requirements for a Hair Salon?

While you finally choose a company that provides you with plumbers in Oakville, you need to be sure of the requirements that are needed to be fulfilled by them for your hair salon. We have listed some of the reasons why your hair salon needs regular attention in the plumbing department.

  • Drain Cleaning Oakville – Ever saw a small tangle of hair clogging a sink in your house? The same thing occurs in a hair salon on a regular basis, as the place literally accumulates a lot hair. These hair in the drains of your salon will never be good news for the business. The higher the speed of hair getting washed down the drain, the more frequent attention is needed for cleaning it.
  • Ensuring precautionary measures in advance- As a business owner, prevention for a problem that is almost sure to occur is always better. Certain measures like getting a drain screen in place is not only inexpensive, but saves a lot of future hassle.
  • Detecting leaks- You might never know initially when the plumbing system of your hair salon starts leaking in places. You realise something of the sort happening when the walls or floors start fading through the leaking water. The repair of the plumbing system and the walls then take forever. It is best to have your plumbing checked regularly instead.

If you remain proactive and careful, using the service of a plumbing company for your commercial hair salon will save you a lot of time and stress, with rescuing you on the financial front as well.


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Plumbing Issues and Their Remedies by Plumbers in Oakville

Plumbing Issues and Their Remedies


Imagine getting back to your house after a long day at work and finding an issue with the plumbing. When it comes to plumbing, everything from a leaking tap to a more serious problem will always need immediate attention, without any doubt. Avoiding these little problems will become more troubling for you once they increase and need fixing in the quickest way possible.

A good plumbers Oakville takes care of all your plumbing issues by providing timely and effective solutions to everything related to plumbing.

For some common plumbing problems however, you can look at some of the solutions that immediately help you out by the time Oakville plumbers reach at your place for service.


1.Drain that Get Clogged

This is one of the most common issues of a plumbing system at any household. If it happens that the tap water is not passing through a sink or drain properly, it brings in a lot of frustration as the drain system is not working in the way it should.

REMEDY- You can take the help of a manual plunger to clean out some of the blockage from the drain. A mild and safe drain cleaner can also be used to get rid of the clogging. Avoid using a harsh acidic drain cleaner as it damages the pipe of your drain.


2.The Faucet that Leaks Quits a lot

If you have a leaking faucet in your home, you understand how annoying that constant dripping sound is. The constant flow of water also leads to a lot of wastage and increase your bills too. Most of these water leaks happen because of the washer that is not functioning properly. These washers face a wear and tear with time which results in the water seeping through.

REMEDY- You can repair a leaking faucet only with the right equipment and tools, or else it might get too difficult. The best option here is to take the help of a service that specialises with plumbing in Oakville and let them sort out your faucet problem.


3.Water Pressure that is Pretty Low

When the water pressure is low, you do not find that regular flow in your shower or tap. There is that dribble which is of no use for any task that needs water. While most of the times it happens because the pipes get all clogged, the low pressure sometimes also is caused due to a leaking pipe within the drain system.

REMEDY- Taking care of a faulty water pressure is easy for you when it gets sorted by just cleaning your shower head and taps or replacing them. If the water pressure is still on the lower side, you need to call the best plumbing service in Oakville and get the quickest solution to your problem.

Get in touch with the best Plumbers in Oakville today!

From the most common plumbing problems to even the more distinct and unique ones, we at Precise Plumbing ensure that your problem is our point of focus till we get rid of your problem and sort you out.

With our team of expert professionals, rest assured of each and every one of your queries to be answered from us when you need them!

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How to Avoid Winter Plumbing Issues with Plumbers in Oakville

Avoid Winter Plumbing Issues with Plumbers in Oakville


When winter finally hits the city, our plumbers in Oakville start getting calls for plumbing problems which are common in the cold season. There are certain precautions that you can take which avoid calling a plumber in the first place. Here is a list of the measures which you can take to avoid your winter plumbing problems.

Not only this, we will also provide you with our suggestions regarding the time when you should contact plumbers in Oakville for drain repair in Oakville.


1. Avoid Frozen Outdoor Pipes

If preventing your pipes from getting frozen is your priority, you need to start taking care of it even before there is a drop in temperature. You should cut off any water from outside entering your pipes through shut-off valves located usually in your basement. Doing this while the temperature is still high will stop the pipes getting frozen in winters, which will not get them cracked.

If you are unable to find the shut-off valves in your basement, do get in touch with the best plumbers in Oakville.


2. Avoid Your Indoor Pipes from Getting Frozen

When it comes to indoor pipes, there is a simple solution. You just need to ensure a warmer temperature inside your home. If your house has pipes which are inside a cabinet near an outside wall, keeping the doors of that cabinet open during the night will let warmer air flow and avoid unwanted freezing.

Because freezing pipes are the most common causes for a low water pressure, you can always get in touch with the best plumbers for drain repairs in Oakville.


3. Get the Water Heater Functioning Properly

A properly operational water heater helps to save a lot of money in the winters. Checking the surrounding area of your water heater and making sure it is warm will be very helpful. Ensure there is a proper insulation in place with doors, windows and smaller crawl places all checked out.

If there is a case where your water heating system is not functioning properly or is showing some signs of wear and tear, you definitely should get in touch with the best plumbers for getting repair in Oakville. You simply do not want to have on a cold morning is a freezing shower.


 4.How You Can Prevent a Flooding basement

Before winter kicks in, you should check the drainage areas for making sure that there is no blockage from leaves. In case it snows, you need to check these areas again to see if they are not blocked by ice this time around. This should be checked because if this area remains blocked, the water will get held up and this will lead to your basement getting flooded, which can also get the line cracked due to cold.


If the issues we mentioned above have already started disrupting your life, you need to get in touch with Precise Plumbing, who have the most professional plumbers in Oakville for the quickest and most efficient maintenance of your drain system.

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How Oakville Plumbers can Help you for Drain Cleaning?

How Plumbers can Help you for Drain Cleaning?

Till the time water in your house and office is running freely, you do not think much about it. It is only when we see those drains getting clogged up, that we realize about the problems which might be there with the drains in our office or houses. There are a number of reasons that lead to the clogging of drains.

Grease, collected hair and growth of plant roots in the drain pipes are some of the reasons which give you a difficult time to get things right with your drain system. The sewer line system is one of the expensive aspects at your personal or commercial space. Ensuring their cleanliness will increase the life of your drain system and lead to less problems for you.

Signs that Your Drains are not clear

Where the drains at your place get clogged up without warning it is clear that you have a drainage problem in store for yourself. These signs that show a faulty drain are water clogging or slow draining in toilets and sinks, bad smell from the drain pipes and the presence of a gurgling sound from the drain pipes.

If you pay attention to these signs and get professional plumbers in Oakville for drain repair you can be relieved from a lot of frustration in the future.

Your Schedule for Drain Cleaning

There are a number of factors which come into play when you decide on a typical schedule for drain cleaning. The time from which a particular drain pipe or sewer is under use is one of them. This is because time will help you have an idea regarding the condition of drains. Also, the water which goes regularly through the drains is an important factor. More waste water will result in the drains needing frequent cleaning as well. In most houses, drain cleaning once a year is sufficient.

If the usage of drain system is more, your schedule can range from quarterly to once every six months.

Drain Repair in Oakville for Commercial Places

When it is about commercial properties, the entire drain repair and maintenance depends on the volume of usage. As a result, places like hotels, restaurants and laundry places will need more drain cleaning than a normal house. A timely drain cleaning will never keep you in the need to have a sewer backup for business, which can impact your venture negatively.

The professional Oakville plumbers can use trench-less replacement of sewer lines, which makes drain repair in Oakville and replacement an easier process. This technology offers the quickest way to get your drains repaired in case of a fault or damage.

Get in Touch for the Best Drain Cleaning at Your Home or Office

If you want to get the best plumbing and drain repair in Oakville, Precise Plumbing is available any time to take care of your drains and ensure that you get the most professional services. Schedule your drain cleaning with Precise Plumbing now!

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The 5 Best Hacks For Unclogging a Drain in Oakville

Best Hacks For Unclogging a Drain in Oakville

A sink which takes longer to drain, water which gets collected all around your feet and those unpleasant odors. These are the warning signs that you might be having a clogged drain at your place. And these issues if left unchecked can lead to a total clogging of your drain.

You may have tried to unclog the drain by getting rid of excess hair or dirt, but get frustrated when nothing happens. There are a few hacks which can help you unclog you drain before you call for professional plumbers in Oakville.

1. Use a Bent Wire Hanger

This is a simple hack but is very effective at times. Once you straighten a wire coat hanger, you should bend one end to give it the shape of a hook. Push that hook beyond the drain and you will surely find more hair, dirt which was clogging the drains. Pulling all dirt up and not pushing it further down will get you a clean drain.

2. Combine Vine and Baking Soda

Mix an equal proportion of baking soda and vinegar in a cup or bowl. Due to their acidic properties, the mixture will start bubbling and the moment this happens, you can pour it into the drain. The fizzing will clear out a lot of dirt and grease from the surface of your pipe. After an hour or so you can flush your drain with hot water to get rid of the acids which if left there, can damage the pipe.

3. Simple Boiling Water

Things do not get easier than this. Pour a kettle full of boiling water slowly into the drain between intervals because it will help the hot water to work properly on the grease and collected gunk. It is the simplest way to unclog a drain which can work in your favour.

4. Use a Drain Snake

Now, a drain snake is a very inexpensive piece of equipment to clean out your drain pipe. It is a simple metal rope which is flexible and also has a spiral metal at the end. The drain snake is also pretty easy to use and get rid of a clogged drain.

5. Dish Cleaning Detergent

Put in about a half cup of your dish detergent in a bowl. Boil some water and mix them together as you pour the liquid down your drain. The detergent becomes a lubricant that frees the dirt and grease from your drain pipe. You can then use a plunger to pull up all the collected rubbish for getting a clean drain.

While these hacks are very effective for clogged drains, there are also times when they do not work. This is because there might be some other problem which can be more severe. In such a situation, always get in touch with Precise Plumbing, Oakville which provides the best drain repair in Oakville with its team of professional plumbers.

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5 Common Plumbing Issues and Their Solutions with Plumbing in Oakville

Plumbing Issues and Their Solutions  in Oakville

You can never predict the issues that can come up with your plumbing. There are some common problems however, that usually happen with the drain and plumbing system at homes. If you stay ahead of time and be alert, these issues related to plumbing will easily be resolved.

Here are 5 common plumbing issues and the ways through which you can avoid them.

1. Clogging of Toilets

This is an issue which is faced by almost every household. The more a toilet is used, the more are chances that there will be some clogging in the near future. You can try to use a good quality of toilet paper which gets dissolved easily. It will help to avoid getting your toilet clogged easily.

For a clogged toilet the use of a plunger is always the best option. However, if the clog is stubborn you can surely give the best plumbers in Oakville a call to help you out.

2. Clogging in the Drains

The drains in your home can get clogged without any particular warning. And repairing the drains by yourself is a hectic job for sure. You need to inspect every pipe to know the place of clogging. This clogging can happen by leftover food getting washed in the drain, hair, dirt and grease.

When it is a clogged drain, you should never hesitate to seek the help from the company that offers the best service of drain repair in Oakville and save yourself the hassle.

3. Pest and Rodent Control

Rodents and insects have a habit of getting attracted to the water sources and plumbing systems face a lot of water going through them. These rodents and insects may cause a number of plumbing and drain problems which will trouble you.

The best way for avoiding an unannounced drain damage is to schedule inspections from the best plumber in Oakville. The inspections will help to address any kind of a drain problem at a very initial stage and save a lot of costs and trouble for you in the future.

4. Inefficient Sump Pumps

Sump pumps are the pumps which help in removing water which gets collected in the basement of a house. If a sump pump in houses is not in a proper working condition, it leads to unnecessary flooding in the basements.

To avoid this, you should check the sump pumps found in your house at regular intervals and make sure the pump works properly.

5. Leaks in the Pipes

A damaged pipe layout or an obsolete piping system can lead to leakage after a particular point in time. The pipes which are considerably old also present the threat of having dangerous elements which could be hazardous. Leaking pipes are a serious issue which can be very inconvenient and expensive for you.

You can regularly observe the pipes to check in case there is a leak somewhere. For solving the leakage problems though, the best plumbers in Oakville are always there for you.

For any queries or problems related to plumbing and drain cleaning in Oakville, Precise Plumbers are the best choice for getting the problems solved. Give them a call any time and schedule a consultation with a professional team of plumbers.

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