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Have you noticed a drop in your water pressure, or observed wet areas on your property that should be dry? This may be a result of a damaged main water line in Oakville. The main water line is extremely important considering it is how you receive water from the municipal supply to your property. If the main water line is damaged, you need one of our experienced plumbers in Oakville to repair the damage before it causes more.
Etobicoke Main Water Services
There may be several reasons why you may experience leakage in your water supply lines. This can be a result of poor installation, low-quality pipe lines, lines being exposed to freezing temperatures in winter, and/or it may have reached its lifespan and needs replacement. Lines may also become damaged by a sturdy tree root and/or any shovels or other equipment being used for any landscaping projects that may have hit the pipe lines. Careful consideration should be taken when undertaking any new landscaping or tree planting projects on your property.
Conventionally, to repair a damaged water line, you had to dig a trench running across the entire length of the line and replace it with a brand-new water line. However, our Precise Plumbing plumbers are always looking for new technologies to improve our services and limit pollution to the earth. Our highly trained and licensed plumbers at able to repair the damaged water line without digging up the entire water line, therefore, reducing the cost to consumers as well as the damage to the property.
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After our experienced plumbers have established there is indeed a main water line that is damaged and needs repairs, our plumbers will dig two moderately small channels: first where the public water supply meets the main water line and second where it connects to the home.
page4_img5An air-powered torpedo is inserted into the ground in one channel equivalent to the old water line. The torpedo digs its way through the ground, as close to the location of the old line as possible. An air hose powering the torpedo trails through the channel being dug.
After the torpedo has tunnelled to the other channel, a new plastic pipe is attached to the hose, which is in the new waterway.
One of our experienced plumbers carefully pulls the hose that is attached to the new pipe back through the channel that the torpedo dug. Another one of our plumbers cautiously feeds the new pipe into the waterway as it’s pulled through.
As soon as the new pipe is entirely pulled through, one end is linked to the public water supply line and the other is connected to the home’s water supply line.
Our client will enjoy a new main water line that was installed with little commotion and mess to the property.
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Our vastly trained and licensed plumbers at Precise Plumbing Oakville have experience with a wide range of water line repair issues.
Our plumbing experts Oakville are happy to answer any questions about water line repairs and would be happy to visit your property to make specific recommendations.

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