Oakville Water Treatment Services

We are constantly using water and we need to ensure the water we are using is safe. Untreated water is very risky for consumption and may contain harmful minerals and bacteria which may be detrimental to the body. Some of these untreated water supplies contain high mineral content of magnesium, iron, calcium and more. Overtime, the high contents of these minerals can cause corrosion to household appliances, as well as harmful effects to your body and skin.
Your water supply company may claim that the water is safe and free from contamination, however the water is not being properly filtered to guarantee these claims. The pipes that the water supply passes through may have contaminated dirt which will then come through your tap water.
The ultimate solution to ensure you have the cleanest and safest water in your home and/or business is to have a water treatment system unit installed. Here at Precise Plumbing Oakville, we offer the highest quality water treatment units for your home or business.

Choosing the Best Water Treatment System Dealers in Oakville

There are many different water treatment systems on the market and many dealers who provide them. It is important that the dealer understands the water treatment systems they deliver and how to properly install them. Our highly trained plumbers at Precise Plumbing in Oakville are able to educate our clients about the different water treatments we offer and are able to provide the best one for our client’s needs.
Precise Plumbing Oakville offers a wide range of water treatment products such as softeners, UV disinfection systems, domestic reverse osmosis systems and basic filtration systems. Our experienced plumbers in Oakville are skilled in installing water treatment systems and our happy to checkup on your system or do any repairs when required.


Benefits of Water Treatment Systems Units from Precise Plumbing

The benefits you will receive from a water treatment system are invaluable. Not only will you be guaranteed that your drinking and bathing water is safe without contaminates for you and your family, but the taste of your water is incomparable. Our water treatment systems are free of chemicals which some local water supplies add to try to enhance the water. Our systems will guarantee safe water for your household or business.

How does the water treatment unit function?

Each water treatment system functions differently. Depending on your goals and preferences, there is a water treatment system that Precise Plumbing offers for you. Each local water supply will have different contaminants, which is important to know, therefore will be helpful in choosing a water treatment system that is most required for your water supply.
If your water contains harmful soluble salts, then a softener water treatment system would be beneficial. These systems remove the salts though processes such as ion exchange and electrodialysis. Insoluble salts’ molecules can be removed through the Reverse Osmosis process. This involves forcing water particles through a semi-permeable membrane leaving the contaminants behind.
UV light water treatment systems are used to kill organisms that may live in our water to ensure they do not contaminant the water we use in our homes and offices.
Precise Plumbing could not reiterate more how important it is to safeguard your water to ensure you and your family are only consuming the best quality water. Our Oakville plumbers will help you decide what the best water treatment system is best for your home or office. Contact us at (905)-502-5739 to have one of our experienced plumbers come to your home to install the perfect water treatment system for you.