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Sounds of hot water heaters

Humming/Buzzing Sounds

If your Alliston water heater is emitting a mysterious hum or buzz, you’re not alone. Our experts at Precise Plumbing have seen it all. From loose heating elements to sediment buildup, we’ve got the solution. Don’t let a simple sound turn into a major problem; we’ve got the experience to diagnose and repair these issues promptly.

Tapping or Ticking Sounds

Tired of that repetitive tapping or ticking sound in your Alliston water heater? It’s often sediment-related, but our team is well-versed in solving this issue. Trust us to quiet your water heater and restore peace to your home.

Screeching, Screaming, or Singing Sounds

Screeching, screaming, or singing sounds are no match for our Alliston water heater experts. We’ll quickly identify the source of the issue, whether it’s a closed valve, a clogged pipe, or a pressure relief valve problem. Our swift repairs will ensure your home stays safe and sound.

Hammering/Knocking Sounds

Hammering or knocking sounds from your Alliston water heater can be annoying and problematic. These sounds are no match for our skilled technicians, as we address issues with valves, pipe fittings, water pressure, and more. Count on us to put an end to these disruptive noises.

Rumbling, Popping, Crackling Noises

Rumbling, popping, and crackling sounds in your Alliston water heater are often caused by sediment buildup or heating element issues. Our experienced team knows exactly how to resolve these problems, ensuring your water heater operates silently and efficiently.

Clicking Sounds on Tankless Heaters

Tankless water heaters in Alliston might click for various reasons, including normal operation, expansion and contraction, water flow, or ignition and combustion. Whatever the cause, our experts are well-equipped to address these issues and restore your tankless heater’s quiet performance.

At Precise Plumbing, we don’t just identify the sounds your water heater is making; we provide effective solutions. Contact us today to experience peace and comfort in your Alliston home.

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