Drain Repair in Oakville
Drain Repair in Oakville


Do you find water on the floor in your basement after heavy rains? Can you smell mold? While there are many causes of wet basements, each leads to the same potential problems: damage to a home’s foundation, damage to interior furniture and decor, damage to personal belongings and many health problems ranging from lung disease and headaches to cancer.
The Precise Plumbing staff are experts at identifying and solving problems with wet basements. First, problems with roofing and siding must be addressed. Water leaking through a roof or siding will quickly make its way to the basement and may cause extensive damage to the foundation and interior of a home. Second, cracks in the foundation itself can allow water to enter, causing the problems noted above. However, these are not the only sources of water that may enter a basement.
There are two general methods used to solve wet basements issues: interior and exterior waterproofing:

Interior Waterproofing

While a foundation leak may necessitate interior waterproofing, also common is water entering the basement due to hydrostatic pressure encountered when the groundwater level rises and falls. There are also instances when the exterior of a foundation may not be easily accessed. There are several steps involved with the interior waterproofing process.
Drain Repair in Oakville
  • page8_img7A shallow ditch is dug around the inside perimeter of the basement, between six to ten inches from the wall of the foundation. This involves breaking through the basement floor.
  • page8_img8Weeping tile is installed in the ditch and directed so that water flows into a floor drain or sump pump.
  • page8_img12Drainage membrane is then installed on exposed exterior walls where the drainage system has been installed.
  • page8_img13A layer of gravel is laid over the weeping tile to maximize drainage.
  • page8_img14Concrete is then poured over top of the system and smoothed so that the floor is brought back to its original level.
  • page8_img15This system drains water both above and below grade and keeps the basement dry.

Exterior Waterproofing

Another effective solution to a wet basement is exterior waterproofing. This method solves water problems caused both by foundation leaks and hydrostatic pressure as a result of rising groundwater.
  • page8_img7First earth is excavated all the way around the foundation of a home, down to the footings, about two to three feet out.
  • page8_img8Any old weeping tile is removed and new weeping tile with filter cloth is installed.
  • page8_img12The foundation walls are inspected, with our team looking for cracks or other voids where water could potentially enter. The voids are repaired using hydraulic cement, which expands to make sure no gaps are left behind.
  • page8_img13A rubber membrane is applied to the entire foundation, acting as the main barrier for keeping exterior water out of the basement.
  • page8_img14Drainage membrane is then applied to the entire foundation.
  • page8_img15Gravel is then laid over the weeping tile to help direct water into the weeping tile.
  • page8_img16The soil is filled back in and the basement is completely waterproofed.


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