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Sounds of hot water heaters

Humming/Buzzing Sounds

In Burlington, many people are familiar with that mysterious humming or buzzing sound coming from their water heater. Don’t worry! Precise Plumbing is here to help you find solutions. Our team is skilled at identifying and fixing various issues, such as loose heating elements and sediment buildup. We can quickly diagnose and repair these problems for you. Don’t worry about small noises becoming big problems – we’re here to help.

Tapping or Ticking Sounds

Precise Plumbing offers a wide range of water filtration systems, including activated carbon filters, reverse osmosis systems, and sediment filters. These systems effectively remove impurities, odors, and tastes from the water.

Screeching, Screaming, or Singing Sounds

There are a few possible reasons why you might be hearing tapping or ticking sounds coming from your water heater. The main reason for this issue is when sediment accumulates at the bottom of the tank. When sediment accumulates, it can block the water flow and make the tank get too hot. This can make the sediment expand and contract, which creates a tapping or ticking sound.

The tapping or ticking sounds coming from your Burlington water heater can be quite bothersome. Our skilled technicians are experienced in resolving this common problem, which often occurs due to sediment. You can rely on us to restore peace and quiet to your home.

Hammering/Knocking Sounds

The hammering or knocking sounds you hear from your water heater are usually caused by something called a water hammer. A water hammer is something that happens when the flow of water in a pipe is suddenly stopped or slowed down. When there’s a sudden surge of pressure in the pipe, it can create a shock wave that makes the pipe vibrate. This vibration can result in a hammering or knocking sound.

Our Burlington water heater technicians are experts at dealing with water hammers and their loud knocking sounds. They know exactly how to handle the problem. We can help you with valve, pipe fitting, water pressure, and sediment issues to stop those annoying disruptions.

Rumbling, Popping, Crackling Noises

The noises you’re hearing in your Burlington water heater, like rumbling, popping, and crackling, are usually caused by sediment buildup or issues with the heating element. Our experienced team is ready to help you with any issues you may have with your water heater. We will make sure it operates quietly and efficiently.

Clicking Sounds on Tankless Heaters

Tankless water heaters are constructed using various materials that expand when they get hot and shrink when they cool off. Sometimes, the unit might make a clicking sound when it gets hot and then cools down.

In Burlington, Precise Plumbing is here to help with identifying water heater sounds and finding effective solutions. Get in touch with us now and experience a peaceful and comfortable home.

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