Burlington Sump Pump Repair Services

Burlington Sump Pump Repair Services

The unpredictability of the weather in Ontario do not allow us the proper warning needed to prepare for such possible catastrophic events. Severe heavy rainfall, snowfalls, and high kilometer winds can cause devastating damage to your home, especially your basement. Water levels may reach the foundation of your home during wet seasons, which may result in flooding to your basement.
You may be wondering is there anything that you can do to prevent this? Is hoping it will never happen to you enough or should you be pro active in trying to find a solution? You may hear others talking about relying on insurance to cover your losses, however insurance cannot replace family heirlooms that may have been destroyed. The best way of protecting yourself from these disastrous events from occurring to your home and belongings is to use preventative measures, which will be to have a sump pump installed.

What is a sump pump?

A sump pump is a pump, which will most commonly be placed in the basement, that will be used to collect water, to avert the water flow from entering the basement. A pit will be dug up to secure the sump pump, therefore, preventing water from damaging the home. The sump pump is normally around 18 inches in diameter and 24 inches deep.


Sump pumps comprise of two major components: the float switch and the mechanical pump parts. The float switch activates the mechanical pump parts by detecting the level of water present. If it detects too much water, the mechanical pump parts will expulse water through the pipes, which will have a one-way valve, stopping the water from coming back and entering the home.

Why is a sump pump essential?

If you live in areas that have unpredictable weather, such as Ontario, having a sump pump installed is essential in preventing water from damaging your home and belongings. Flooding in your home can cause severe damage to your home, including damage to priceless family items and mold growth, which can be dangerous for you and your family.


Having a sump pump installed in your home can avert such damages to your home such as water damage on your walls and baseboards, paint peeling off, corrosion to metallic structures, as well as more hazardous concerns such has harmful insects and organisms from growing in your basement.

Common Sump Pumps Faults

To ensure your sump pump will come to use when it is needed, it is essential that regular maintenance is scheduled on your sump pump. Like any mechanical device, they are prone to certain defects.


During the installation process, if a faulty connection occurs with the electricity, the sump pump will not work, seeing as it needs electricity to operate. This issue will need to be resolved at once to ensure your sump pump works during an emergency. Other glitches that might occur is if the sump pump motor fails, broken outlet pipes, and float switch failure. These faults can occur for many different reasons including poor installation, inadequate connections, or poor maintenance.

How to Fix These Issues

Regardless of the reasoning behind the sump pump failure, it is important to have one of our Burlington plumbers at Precise Plumbing come in to check your sump pump if you are concerned that your sump pump may not be working efficiently. Precise Plumbing has been installing and repairing sump pumps for over 20 years in Burlington and GTA. We only offer the highest quality products with superb customer service. We offer 100% guaranteed customer satisfaction and will not leave a job until the customer is satisfied.


Having a sump pump installed in your home or business is vital if you want to protect your property from damage from flooding. Contact one of our experienced plumbers at (905) 739-0611 to discuss having a Burlington sump pump contractor installed in the area or GTA.