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Ontario’s weather is notoriously difficult to predict, making it impossible to give adequate notice of impending disasters. Extreme weather like monsoons, blizzards, and hurricanes may wreak havoc on your home, especially the basement. During rainy periods, water may accumulate to the point where it floods a basement.

You may be asking if you can take any action to avoid this happening. Should you just cross your fingers and hope it never happens to you, or should you actively seek out a remedy? Some people may advise you to file an insurance claim to compensate for your losses, but it won’t help if your family treasures were destroyed in the disaster. Installing a sump pump is one of the best preventative actions you can take to safeguard your house and possessions against these kinds of disasters.


Our Sump Pump Services Include


Sump pump repairs


Sump pump installations


Battery backup installation


Battery backup replacements


… and 
Much More!

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What is a sump pump?

A low, hidden area in the basement is used to store the building’s internal water flow. A sump pump is installed in a pit dug into the ground in this area. A sump with a diameter of 18 inches and a depth of 24 inches is the standard.

The mechanical pump parts and the float switch are the two main parts of a sump pump. A float switch monitors the water level and triggers the mechanical components that drain the reservoir when it senses that the water level is too high. The mechanical pump components push liquid through pipelines equipped with a one-way valve, which prevents the liquid from reentering the pump.

Why Is A Sump Pump Essential?

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Common Sump Pumps Faults?

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How to Remedy These Issues

Getting help from skilled plumbers is the best thing that can be done, whether the problems are due to poor fitting or poor upkeep. If you need plumbing work done in Oakville or anywhere else in the city, call Precise Plumbing.

One of the good things that Precise Plumbing does is install and fix sump pumps. You can be sure that we know what we’re doing because we’ve been in business for more than 20 years. Get in touch with us whenever you need our skilled and friendly professionals to assist you.

Sump pumps are important for keeping your home safe and your family healthy. Call Precise Plumbers if you need help with your sump pump. If you call us at 905-502-5739, our skilled Oakville plumbers can put in a sump pump in your home or business.

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