Burlington Water Treatment Systems Dealers

Burlington Water Treatment Systems Dealers

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Water for use either domestically or commercially needs to be safe, irrespective of the delivery state. Most water supply companies tend to deliver untreated water, which is risky for consumption. Such water contains high mineral content dissolved in it including magnesium, iron, magnesium, and more. The presence of these minerals leads to inconvenience during use in household activities such as washing and bathing, as well as in industrial applications.
Even though the supply company might guarantee the supply of safe water, tap water might still be exposed to contamination while passing through the pipes, for instance, dirt entering the supply pipes. So, how do you get rid of the water contaminants?

The ultimate solution to safe water in your home is the acquisition of a water treatment system unit. Here at Precise Plumbing, we offer such water treatment units for sale while offering additional services such as installation and maintenance operations.

Choosing the Best Water Treatment System Dealers in Burlington


The efficiency of the unit depends significantly on the kind of dealers you choose. You need to identify one that will assure the quality of the product they deliver. Besides, the sort of system you opt for depends on the quality of water supplied to your home.

In Burlington, Ontario, Precise Plumbing Company has provided services concerning water treatment for over 20 years now. We deal with a range of products such as softeners, UV disinfection systems, basic filtration systems, and domestic reverse osmosis systems. Precise Plumbing delivers its services to dwellers in the city and the surrounding areas through our team of professionals. After installation of the units, you can later contact us for checkups, and if there are repairs required, our service will be at your disposal.

Benefits of Water Treatment Systems Units from Precise Plumbing

First of all, these units deploy processes that ensure maximum efficiency in treatment purposes. It means that water for your household use will be 100 percent safe to use since you are directly involved in the process. There are no chances for bogus treatment processes.

On the other hand, with such a unit in your home, the taste if the water is significantly enhanced. Sometimes water treated and supplied by the local supply system comes with excessive treatment chemicals, thereby altering the taste and odor of the water. Besides, systems such as the UV disinfection do not affect the taste and odor at all; hence water from the unit is safe for drinking.

How does the treatment units function?

The functionality of the treatment system process is dependent on the type of the unit. Every unit is effective for the removal of different kind of contaminants in the water. Before going for a particular unit, you need to identify the main components in the water supplied by your source.

Softeners based systems use chemicals such as chlorine in the treatment process. These systems are suitable for waters that contain harmful soluble salts which are removed through processes such as ion exchange and electrodialysis.

Insoluble salts’ molecules can be removed through the Reverse Osmosis process. This process involves forcing water molecules through a semi-permeable membrane leaving behind the insoluble particles.

Organisms in water can be eliminated by exposing them to UV lights. The process kills the organisms ensuring they do not find their way into the human body systems through drinking water.

Safeguarding water for use is essential for the welfare of everyone in your home. Therefore, you should make it a duty to seek assistance from Precise Plumbing. Call us at (905) 739-0611 to find out more information and have one of our Burlington plumbers install a water treatment system in your home or business.