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Avail Best Burlington drain cleaning services To Get Rid Of Drain Blockage

Most Burlington residents suffer from a frequent household issue called drain blockages. While most individuals try to fix clogged drains independently, some techniques could be more harmful than helpful. We at Precise Plumbing Services provide the best Burlington drain cleaning services and have been cleaning drains professionally for more than 20 years. Our techniques leave your drains in like-new condition and are completely safe for your plumbing and the environment.

Why Do You Need Burlington Drain Cleaning Service?

People naturally try to solve slow or clogged drains with chemical drain cleaning products or the convenient plunger. 

However, many chemical drain cleaning treatments are extremely hazardous and can harm your plumbing irreparably. Plumbers can sometimes clear clogs deep within the system, although they frequently fail to do so. 

Here are a few justifications for hiring a professional to clean your drains rather than using DIY solutions-

  • Safety
  • Minimizes blockages
  • Removing Odor
  • Keeps home clean
  • Available at low cost

You can ensure that your plumbing lasts for many years with a little forethought and precaution. Make an appointment by calling Precise Plumbing Services.

Signs Of A Blocked Drain That Needs Repair

Like most Burlington homeowners, you might not think twice about your drains until something goes wrong, like a clogged drain or an overflowing toilet. Learn these warning signs of imminent drain trouble to address it before disaster strikes and save yourself from an expensive repair later.

  • SLOW DRAINS: There are a variety of causes for drains to clear more slowly than they should, from oil or hair clogs to tree root intrusions. Calling a Burlington drain cleaning professional is the best course of action because slow drains won’t get better on their own and can cause serious plumbing issues in the future.
  • STRANGE ODORS: As was already said, your home’s drains may be the source of the unpleasant odors you’re currently smelling. It is preferable to address both using the best Burlington drain cleaning services because the odor could be from sewage gas or decomposing organic garbage.
  • GURGLING: Do the toilet, or other plumbing appliances make gurgling sounds? Gurgling frequently indicates the presence of air in the system or a possible leak.

Why Is Precise Plumbing Unique Compared To Other Plumbing Businesses?

100% customer satisfaction is guaranteed by us. We are not satisfied until the client is completely satisfied with the work. We provide emergency plumbing services seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day. We also offer some of the most sought-after all-encompassing plumbing. Our Burlington drain cleaning team’s plumbers, and drain repair specialists like assisting customers and give them the best service possible. Our main goal is to satisfy you completely.

Integrity And Honesty Are Our Top Priorities

For more than 20 years, Precise Plumbing has been in operation. Our clients consider us to be Burlington’s top plumbing company. Our top priorities are honesty, ethics, and giving them the precise services they require. Our plumbers and technicians are courteous, accommodating, and skilled at interacting with clients.

A Whole Package Of Burlington Drain Cleaning Services

We have been providing our services for over 20 years and have the most experienced team of professionals. Here are some of our services-

  • Waterproofing
  • Plumbing installation and repair
  • Water treatment
  • Bathroom and Kitchen
  • Sump pumps
  • Water lines
  • Water heaters
  • Drains and sewers

Why Choose Us?

Precise Plumbing employs cutting-edge video camera inspection tools that enable our personnel to visually evaluate a drainage system’s entire length, from the drain to the sewer. Our plumbing expert will suggest several fixes based on the nature of the issue. At Precise Plumbing, our team uses only the top-grade products and technology to repair every kind of drain blockage issue. 

Poorly installed or low quality drain lines are prone to breakage and blockage. Thus, our top-notch services and products assure best Burlington drain cleaning services. 

Call today or fill in the form on our website https://mypreciseplumbing.com/ for further discussion with our team mate.

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Importance of Hiring Emergency Plumbers Mississauga

“A plumber is an adventurer who traces leaky pipes to their source.”

Every home has some or other problems every now and then. And if you are one of them facing plumbing issues hiring emergency plumbers Mississauga is the wisest option. In case you want to try your hands that is fine but there are some critical issues for which professional plumbers enter into play.



The professional and emergency plumbers of Mississauga are highly trained to handle dirty  clogged toilets, leaking pipes, busted pipes, and many more that can spoil the environment of any home. Usually, people involve professional plumbers when it is an emergency but it should not be the case. Hiring a professional plumber in the situation of emergency can impact on overall repair costs and damage to your property.

Hence, hiring emergency plumbers in Mississauga is important as they are highly trained to fix all the plumbing issues irrespective of it being big or small. They are dedicated and highly experienced as well as equipped with the best tools that can resolve the issue faster and more accurately. Many places in Mississauga, you need to be licensed to carry out different plumbing problems in your home.

Calling emergency plumbers at Mississauga makes great sense because there are many prestigious companies that offer safe guarantees when they are doing their repair services at your home. Such guarantees help to assure in case anything goes wrong during the plumbing repairs you will have all damages fixed at the expense of the plumber

Alternatively, if you try out plumbing repairs on your own, it might end up with additional expenses compared to repairs due to damages that you can speculate. Let us discuss the key benefits and why it is so important to hire a professional plumber at Mississauga. 

Top 8 reasons for hiring emergency plumbers in Mississauga

1. Mississauga plumbers are experienced and trained

The emergency plumbers Mississauga hold strong expertise and practical experience for plumbing services. The licensed plumbers of Mississauga are skilled and expertise in their fields. They assure that the work is performed effectively in the first attempt saves time, money and fruitful results starting  from the construction of pipes to fixing leaks and other plumbing problems.

2. Professional plumbers are equipped with the advanced tools

When you choose emergency plumbers Mississauga, they have their professional toolkit and the right knowledge of using it to fix the issues properly. What it means is that a lot of time is saved that is used in back and forth actions like picking up parts and buying machines.

3. Offer multitude of plumbing services

For all starting from installation, repair, maintenance of your plumbing system, hiring emergency plumbers Mississauga provides you access to a wide range of services. They are capable of handling things such as installing fresh pipes, replacing old pipes, identifying the blockages, repairing the leaks, and installing major appliances. 

4. Experienced plumbers can identify plumbing services faster

Usually simple problems like a leaky pipe can eventually lead to complex problems. When you hire Mississauga based emergency plumbers, they can easily identify the issues faster  and the level of complexity. They keenly observe the issue and their experience helps to learn the issue in no time and fix it in the first go. The services are efficient and long lasting.

5. Professional plumbing services guarantee damage control

Doing on your own or ignoring the mild plumbing issues can turn into a nightmare. The problems like a water-filled basement or bathroom can take your sleep away. Water is something that can bring massive damage to your home. 

Hiring professional plumbing from Mississauga ensures that these things are handled properly and do not happen again securing your house. No more nightmare with them, it’s just peace of mind and cost saving from expensive repairing services.

6. Mississauga plumbers assure high quality services

The professional plumbers in Mississauga are highly proficient in preserving services, but also identify problems at the preliminary stage that cause costly damage – in case you miss out on higher regular check-ups of your plumbing system.

7. Professional plumbing service providers great customer support

When your plumbing services are successfully done by the Mississauga based plumbing companies, they assure on-going customer support. Whenever you encounter any plumbing emergency, you have easy access to expert advice and professional plumbing services. They are always ready to help with their outstanding customer service.

8. Professional plumbers are godsend for unexpected emergencies

The emergencies in plumbing might cause significant water damage. A professional plumber based in Mississauga is always available to provide emergency services in real time. A large number of plumbers offer instant 24×7 response to your plumbing emergency.

Final Thoughts

Hiring emergency plumbers in Mississauga for your new homes or construction or home repairs to complex plumbing will ensure that your plumbing system functions well and effectively. The plumbers based in Mississauga are available 24×7 to provide instant answers to plumbing emergencies, fix their issues prior to expensive damage, and ensure that your plumbing system is working in a good way.

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Things You Do That Cause Drain Blockage

Imagine being late to your work because the drainage system in your property won’t work correctly. Blocked drains are certainly a headache, but it’s inevitable when you adapt to specific habits.Things You Do That Cause Drain Blockage


No matter how hard to blame it on your plumber, it’s you that’s causing the drain blockage. But, of course, you might be doing it unconsciously, so you must learn the causes behind such plumbing issues.


Although, experts for drain cleaning in Burlington can help you deal with that. But there are various ways you can avoid frequent drain blockages.


So, here are five everyday habits that keep blocking your drain.

Flushing Foreign Objects

One of the most careless things you do is flushing anything down your toilet. Foreign objects like plastic packs, baby whips, etc., are known to be the common cause of a blocked drain. Change your habit of getting rid of used things by flushing those down the toilet.

Your toilet or drainage system is not built to handle these items. Hence, flushing these down understandably either block or overflows your sewage.

Outdoors Debris and Leaves

Many people are unaware that outside leaves and debris frequently cause blocked drains. If you blow or wash these into the drain, you should not be surprised to have a clogged drain. Unfortunately, this is an issue that often occurs during rainy weather. And it gets worse with unkempt gutters and garden landscapes.

The most efficient way to prevent such clogs is to cover the drain entrances with a drain guard. But if the problem keeps recurring, you should call an expert near you.

Getting Hair Clogged

A widespread reason to keep experiencing drain blockage is your hair. Of course, you shouldn’t stop washing your hair because of it, but you can stop the problem regardless. First, ensure you have a drain guard in your sink or bathtub or wherever you wash your hair. However, if you do find yourself in a situation like this, you can always contact service providers offering drain cleaning in Burlington.

Disposing Food Waste

Very often, the fat doesn’t make it to the sewer, causing the drain to block all the more frequently. So if you have been disposing of all the food waste down the drain, you need to stop doing that. If you are thinking your food disposal is taking care of it, it’s certainly not.

When you throw greasy and oily food down the faucet, it hardens inside the drain. Therefore, causing the drain to clog. Instead of doing that, absorb the grease or oil with a paper towel before composting it.

Flushing Expensive Toilet Paper

The expensive toilet papers are thick 4-ply sheets. Hence, when you use it, you will flush down more paper than you used to.

Using thick toilet paper might seem like a good idea. But most people don’t adjust the quantity while pulling off the roll to account for the thicker form. Instead, you’ll wind up flushing twice as much, which can be disastrous for your drains.

Underground Tree Roots

This cause may appear improbable, yet it happens frequently.

In many cases, trees in the backyard of homeowners have been a prime cause of drain blockage. If your backyard has trees near the drainage system, its root can easily enter a pipe and grow within it. Understandably, clogging the drain.

To stop that from happening, ensure to keep an eye out for the root of your backyard tree. And prevent planting trees near your drainage system.

These are the common causes of drain blockage. And if you have been doing it, you need to change your habit.


Contact Precise Plumbing & Drain Services for any drainage or plumbing issues. Experts there are trained to deliver superior solutions to all kinds of plumbing and drainage faults.

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Give your Kitchen an Instant Update with these Faucets

When renovating your home, it is crucial to consider even the minute details. For example, if you need a faucet for your kitchen sink, there are plenty of options to select from. Whether you are renovating your home or building a new kitchen, a faucet can transform your kitchen greatly.Oakville Plumber

However, always ensure to consult only professional and experienced plumbers to install the new faucets. From Mississauga drain cleaning to the installation of fixtures, a professional plumber will provide you with comprehensive services.

Out of all the components in your kitchen, the sink and faucet are used heavily. That’s why your kitchen should have a faucet that looks functional and stunning. And if you are installing a kitchen faucet, you will have access to endless options. Here are some latest faucets which will provide your kitchen with an instant update.

Pull-Out Faucets

If you want to widen the overall space of your kitchen sink, consider installing pull-out faucets. These faucets come with a detachable head which provides users with a spray option.

Pull-out faucets usually have a single handle which makes it easy to adjust the temperature and flow of water. But there is a slight downside to investing in pull-out faucets. Pull-out faucets have a large range which can splash water if you aren’t careful. So it is best for people who require a lot of range.

Two-Handle Kitchen Faucets

If you need more functionality in your kitchen, then opt for dual-handle kitchen faucets. With a dual-handle design, you will have access to hot and cold water. Note that dual-handle faucets are more versatile as you can install them in sinks with one to three holes.

Moreover, with a dual-handle faucet, you will get increased pressure and precise temperature control. However, installation is a bit difficult and requires the intervention of professional plumbers. Hence, while installing a dual-handle faucet, always consult professional plumbers.

One-Handle Faucets for Kitchen Sinks

If you want a classic look, opt for one-handle faucets. These are gooseneck types of kitchen faucets comprising a handle in the middle or on the side.

The user can shift the handle from left to right to get hot or cold water. If you want a simple faucet for your kitchen, opt for a one-handle faucet.

These faucets are pretty easier to repair. If you are buying a one-handle faucet, choose one with a taller profile. In this manner, you can easily place heavy utensils underneath the faucet.

Touchless Faucets

Do you want to make your kitchen more functional and advanced? With the help of touchless faucets, there is no need to touch any hardware. Note that touchless faucets are a popular option for contemporary homes, and professional cooks swear by their efficiency.

These types of faucets function with the help of a tiny sensor that activates the flow of water. Touchless faucets are an ideal solution for situations when you handle raw meats and vegetables.

While installing a touchless faucet, always consult a professional plumbing company Mississauga. They know the intricacies related to the installation of the faucets.

Smart Faucets for Smart Homes

If you are enthusiastic about smart homes, installing a smart faucet is ideal. With a smart faucet, you can take luxury to a whole new level.

Smart faucets are a suitable addition to contemporary kitchens. These faucets usually function via an app. You can control the temperature and water flow with the help of the app installed on your smartphone. Usually, smart faucets come with digital displays, which are quite engaging.

So as you can see, there are various types of faucets ideal for your kitchen. Select a faucet based on your requirements and preferences.

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Escape Frozen Pipes with These Pro Tips!

Every winter, research shows that over 250,000 US families suffer water damage in at least one room of their home because of frozen pipes. The winter weather affects plumbing systems in both cold and warm regions of the US and affects both copper and plastic pipes.

A tiny crack in your water pipes can discharge hundreds of gallons of water, causing serious structural damage and creating breeding grounds for mold. Use the pro tips we share below to keep your pipes from freezing and learn what to do if your pipes freeze.

Tip #1: Maintain The Heat!

It is critical to keep your pipes at suitable temperatures, even during the winter. You should strive to maintain temperatures at 20°C (68°F) by keeping your thermostats at the same temperature throughout the winter.

Raise the temperatures a little more to combat the cold during extreme cold. You can invest in electric heat cables, which have a thermostat that comes on when temperatures go low. Remember to leave your heaters running even when away, whether on vacation or at work.

Tip #2: Let The Faucet Drip!

A constant trickle of hot and cold water may be all you need to protect your pipes from freezing. Running water can still freeze, but this constant drip relieves the pressure of ice blockages to prevent bursting.

Ensure your taps are dripping warm water, preferably from faucets connected to the exterior walls. Choose a faucet located farthest from the water source, so that water flows through the entire system.

Tip #3: Keep Your Doors Open!

While exterior pipes are often well-insulated, interior pipes may be bare or only slightly insulated. In winter, keep cabinet and vanity doors open to allow heat to circulate to the pipes under the sinks or near appliances, especially pipes closest to the exterior walls of the home.

Tip #4: Seal up Any Cracks or Holes!

Seal up any cracks or holes in your interior and exterior walls and insulation. At the start of winter, look for leaks around the dryer pipes and vents, electrical wiring, and basements, garages, and attics. You can seal them with caulk or another insulative material.

Tip #5: Add Extra Insulation!

Apart from insulating the house itself, add pipe insulation to exposed pipes outside or in the attic, garage, basement, or crawl spaces. The weather patterns are changing, so take these precautions even if freezing is uncommon where you live. More insulation translates to better protection.

What to Do If the Pipes Freeze!

Pipes may still freeze even when you take precautions to prevent it. If you turn on a faucet and no water comes out, you can try to thaw them yourself. However, this can be dangerous; you should only attempt it if you know what you’re doing. It is always better to consult a professional if you have frozen pipes.

Try these actions and consult a professional if they don’t work:

  • Turn your faucet on – keep the faucet on to release the pressure of frozen water and prevent bursting
  • Find the freezing point – inspect the pipes and open different faucets to see if you can tell where the freeze occurred
  • Use space heaters/heat tape – heat tape or heat cables wrapped on the pipes can help to melt frozen pipes. Ensure there is no leak/burst and follow the manufacturer’s installation and operation guidelines to prevent injury.

If all these fail, contact a licensed plumber from Precise Plumbing to help you thaw your pipes. You should always seek professional help if you can’t identify the source of the freeze or your initial actions to mitigate the situation don’t work.

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Some Must-Do Plumbing Maintenance Tips for Fall and Winter

So you waited too long to put those boots away, now your basement is flooded. Don’t worry! With Fall approaching, Precise Plumbing has some tips on how to keep your home Fall and Winter ready! We’ll walk you through the steps necessary to prevent a similar situation from happening next year.

1) Don’t Forget The Outside Work

Unfortunately, there’s no magic formula that will keep your hose performance from degrading. In most cases, you’ll need to drain the hose completely before storing it away for the season. Storing hoses in the correct position will significantly reduce stress to the fittings. Turn off water at the source, and make sure you drain the entire hose before storing it away.

*If you store your hose outside (unheated), we recommend draping it over a wide tree branch between uses to avoid damage from falling/melting ice. Protect your faucets as well. Check around the house for any exterior fixtures that may have been left open over the summer. If you see a noticeable drop in water pressure, chances are there’s an outdoor faucet still leaking.

2) Clean the Gutters

As leaves continue to fall, your gutters will need some serious TLC. It’s essential to make sure leaves are cleared out of the gutters before it gets too cold – water in your gutter can quickly freeze and create cracks in gutters, foundations, and driveways. We recommend giving the exterior of your home a light power wash before turning on the hose for a final rinse around surrounding plants and trees.

3) Snake the Sewer Line / Check your Sump Pump

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that all those leaves, sticks, and other yard waste will end up somewhere – even though you planned and got rid of them from around your foundation. Some cities will require homeowners to hire a company like Precise Plumbing to come and remove any yard waste from the sewer line, but most will allow you to do this yourself – it’s just a matter of knowing when and how. There are two methods for removing yard waste from your home:

  • Snaking the Sewer Line: Using a small drill (yes, they make little power snakes), clear out anything blocking the sewer line. Check with your local city hall to determine if they allow this self-clearing, and make sure you know how to use the equipment before digging in. Routinely running a power snake through the sewer line can help prevent tree roots from entering and clogging the pipe over time.
  • Checking your Sump Pump: It’s essential to inspect the unit periodically, depending on whether or not you have a sump pump. If your home is prone to flooding or had significant rainfall this summer, make sure that the sump pump works correctly before winter hits. Because of its position in the basement, it can be easy for some homeowners to forget about their sump pump – prevent further damage to your foundation this winter by making sure it’s operational.

4) Prevent Freezing

When water freezes in a pipe, its volume expands, leading to cracks and other issues. Many homeowners will turn to heat tape or electric heat cables in their crawlspaces or basements to prevent pipes from freezing. Still, if your house is older or not properly insulated, a leaky pipe could cause further harm. As long as all exposed plumbing is well-insulated (typically in crawlspaces), heat tape and cables are considered inefficient in preventing freezing damage in most cases. If you have heat tape in place, make sure you check to ensure it hasn’t come loose – if left unattended, the cables can pose a fire risk.

5) Water Heater Maintenance

Every water heater requires periodic maintenance and inspections to ensure optimal use. For further information on this topic, we suggest you refer to our article “Signs Your Water Heater Needs Replaced.”

In addition to all of these preventative measures, make sure you have a qualified plumber come out and inspect your water heater before the coldest months hit. If your unit is more than ten years old, now is a great time to start looking for a replacement water heater!

Find out more about our maintenance, repairs, and installation services, check out our website https://mypreciseplumbing.com/ or call us today!

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Spring is here! While most are at home during this stressful time, why not take this time to do some spring cleaning! Most people consider dusting and mopping the whole house; however, it is important to consider your plumbing as well. After a long and cold winter, it is important to check up on your plumbing. Regular maintenance will increase the life and efficiency of your plumbing fixtures and system.

Here is a useful checklist for you to review to ensure you are giving your plumbing the spring cleaning love it needs:

  • Clean gutters, downspouts, and vents on the roof.
  • Inspect your pipes for any leaks or damage (or have one of our experienced Mississauga plumbers inspect them for you).
  • To prevent odors and gases, snake any slow floor drains to remove clogs, and pour a gallon of water into infrequently used floor drains.
  • Cleanse the traps beneath your kitchen, bathroom, and laundry sinks.
  • Inspect your hose for leaks or damage. If dripping continues after a replacement have been done, there may be a cracked frozen pipe.
  • Do a thorough maintenance check on your water heater.
  • Install backwater valves on floor drains to prevent sewer backups.
  • To deep clean the drains in your home, use a bacterial drain cleaner in all drains.
  • Mesh strainers should be placed on all your drains to prevent hair and other debris from entering the drain.
  • Your sump pump should be checked to ensure it is working efficiently. Simply pour water into the basin and trip the lever.
  • Thoroughly clean shower heads and faucets for mineral build-up.
  • Inspect your water supply lines for your faucets, toilets, washing machines, and other appliances that use water.
  • Clean out your washing machine lint trap.
  • Thoroughly clean your garbage disposer and repair if needed.
  • Do a leak check in and around your home.

Call us at (647) 878-9293 for all your plumbing needs!

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Tips for Bathroom Renovations in Mississauga

Renovating your bathroom not only allows you to modernize this space in your home, but also adds value to your property. Whether you have a larger bathroom in a newer home or a smaller one in an older home, before you renovate the look and design of your bathroom, you want to consider important aspects to ensure the finished project meets your objectives.

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Benefits of Regular Drain Cleaning in Mississauga

Drainage cleaning in Mississauga is perhaps one of the most overlooked aspect when it comes to the maintenance of your home. A comprehensive drain pipe actually receives all the water that comes from the small pipes in your home . While a drain pipe is usually pretty tough, a lot of times it also carries a lot of rubbish or debris that might have come from your sink, tub, toilet or dishwasher.

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Signs of a Plumbing and Drains Blockage

Some of the worst nightmares that no one would wish to experience at any time is having to flash your toilet and have it overflow on the floor. Also, seeing your sink not getting empty all over sudden can be quite annoying. These are some of the reasons that will make any homeowner to call an emergency plumbing and drains service providers.

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Common Drain Problems in Mississauga

A defective drainage system can cause frustration to the people living in a building if not detected and fixed in good time. Drainage problems can occur at anytime, and they require professional handling to ensure they do not recur. Old effluent pipes require regular inspection and repairs as they are more likely to have defects. The following are some of the most common problems that affect homeowners in Mississauga.

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