Mississauga Sump Pump Repair

Seasons of heavy rainfalls or extreme snowfalls might be detrimental to your house, more so if you have a basement. During such periods, the water table level is high reaching the foundation of your house. This rise causes seepages of water into your basement through the foundation. Besides, flooding is also a possible cause of water finding its way inside through available openings.
What step should you take in case of such a hitch? Should you only rely on premium insurance services to cover any of your losses? Well, it is usually worthier to forestall rather than dealing with the damages. A sump pump, therefore, comes into play since it is rendered the best solution to this anticipated mess.

What is a sump pump?

In the basement, a low-level space is secluded for collection of water that flows inside. This space has a pit dug into the ground and has a sump pump fixed in it. The most common size of the sump is 18 inches in diameter and 24 inches deep.

A sump pump has two major components; the mechanical pump parts and a float switch. The purpose of the float switch is to detect the level of water present, thereby activating the mechanical parts which pump out the water. The mechanical pump parts are involved in the expulsion of water through pipes which have a one-way valve to prevent back flow of the ousted water.

Why is a sump pump essential?

Sump pumps are essential, and they bring about several benefits when installed in the basement. Without the sump pump, flooding might cause serious havoc, and therefore, it is crucial to have one installed. So, what are the benefits associated with the removal of the flooded water?

First of all, sump pumps protect wall paints from fading and peeling off. In case of metallic structures in the basement, it prevents corrosion which might result from contact with water after paint peeling off. Moreover, flooded water might be home to various harmful insects, and this pump helps avoid their breeding, alongside other organisms such as molds and fungus.

Common Sump Pumps Faults

Every mechanical device is always prone to defects, and sump pumps are no exemptions. Let us discuss some of the flaws you expect to experience after installation of a sump pump.

We know that pumps require electricity for power provision to operate. One of the expected issues might be fault connection either during the installation or tampering with later on. A faulty connection might lead to total failure of the pump until rectified.

Other issues might include motor failure, broken outlet pipes, and float switch failure. Some of these issues might be as a result of either poor electric connection and poor maintenance, among other causes.

How to Remedy These Issues

Whether the issues are caused by poor installation or poor maintenance services, the most feasible solution is seeking assistance from professional plumbers. If you are in Mississauga or around the city and require plumbing services, then Precise Plumbing is the best company to hire.

Precise Plumbing offers quality services including installation and repair of sump pumps. We have been in service for more than 20 years, therefore, guaranteeing experience in the field. Contact us when in need to have our friendly and experienced technicians be at your disposal.

Sump pumps are essential for the protection of your house, as well as the welfare of the occupants. Therefore, you should contact Precise Plumbers for services regarding sump pumps. Call us at 647-878-9293 to have one of our experienced Mississauga plumbers install a sump pump in your home or business.