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Seasons of heavy rainfalls or extreme snowfalls might be detrimental to your house, more so if you have a basement. During such periods, the water table level is high reaching the foundation of your house. This rise causes seepages of water into your basement through the foundation. Besides, flooding is also a possible cause of water finding its way inside through available openings.

What steps should you take in case of such a hitch? Should you only rely on premium insurance services to cover any of your losses? Well, it is usually worth it to forestall rather than deal with the damages. A sump pump, therefore, comes into play since it is rendered the best solution to this anticipated mess.


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What is a sump pump?

This device, discreetly placed in a sump pit beneath homes’ lowest points, such as basements or crawl spaces, prevents potential damage. Sump pumps activate when weather or groundwater levels threaten your property. This electric device quickly removes surplus water from the sump pit, preventing water damage.

Sump pumps aid Mississauga residents, who face frequent rains and weather changes. This preventive measure has many benefits. First and foremost, it protects your basement or crawl area from flooding and water damage. It protects your property’s foundation from flood-induced structural damage, which can be costly. These precautions reduce mould and mildew formation, which can be harmful in damp, waterlogged situations. 

Why Is A Sump Pump Essential?

The installation of sump pumps in the basement is essential due to their numerous benefits. It is important to install a sump pump, as overflow in the absence of one could cause extensive damage. Then, what are the benefits of eliminating the flooded water?

First and foremost, sump pumps prevent the fading and flaking of wall coatings. It prevents the corrosion of metallic foundation structures that may result from water contact subsequent to the peeling of paint. Additionally, this pump prevents the development of mould and fungus, as well as other potentially harmful insects that may inhabit flooded water.

Common Sump Pumps Faults?

Blockages caused by dirt, debris, and other materials, are common causes of sump pump issues. If the float switch is jammed, the pump may run repeatedly, causing unnecessary wear and tear, or it may not respond when needed.

In cold climates, the pipe that transports water from the sump pump can freeze and hinder appropriate discharge. A power outage could ruin your home since sump pumps operate on energy.

Broken check valves, which keep discharged water out of the sump pit, are another common issue. If this valve breaks, water may flow back through, forcing the sump pump to operate constantly. Finally, an overworked sump pump may doom basements that frequently flood. If the pump is too small, it may overheat and quit defending your home. You may protect yourself from flooding by performing routine maintenance and being watchful.

How to Remedy These Issues

The best thing to do is to seek the assistance of expert plumbers, regardless of whether the problems are the result of poor installation or poor maintenance. If you need plumbing work done in Oakville or anywhere else in the city, call Precise Plumbing.

Precise Plumbing offers excellent services such as sump pump installation and repair. You can be confident that we have experience in this field because we have been in business for more than 20 years. Contact us whenever you require the assistance of our knowledgeable and competent experts.

Sump pumps are essential for the safety of your home and the health of the people who live in it. So, if you need assistance with sump pumps, contact Precise Plumbers. If you call us at 905-502-5739, our professional Oakville plumbers can install a sump pump at your home or office.

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