Complete Guide to Home Bidets: A Bidet FAQ Blog

June 12, 2023by Precise Plumbing

Maintaining personal hygiene is crucial to our health, and bidets have become a common and efficient way to do it. This article will examine home bidets in detail, explaining how they work and pointing out the many advantages they provide. If you’ve never used a bidet before or are thinking about buying one, you’ll find lots of helpful information here.

How Do Bidets Work?

Bidets are innovative bathroom devices that use a stream of water to clean the user’s private parts after using the toilet. The temperature of the water can be changed, from hot to cold, and the stream can be aimed in different ways to make sure it cleans well. Some bidets even have extra features like a drying function and an air cleaner built in, which make the whole experience even better.


Let’s go through the steps of how to use a bidet so you can better understand how they work:


  1. Sit and position yourself: Sit on the bidet and make sure you’re in a place where the water stream can reach the area you want to clean.


  1. Activate the bidet: Controls to activate the bidet and start the water flow can be found on the side of the device. Depending on the design, these controls may be buttons or knobs.


  1. Adjust water temperature and pressure: The water temperature and pressure may usually be adjusted on a bidet to better suit the user. Try out several configurations until you find one that works well for you.


  1. Direct the water stream: Put that water stream exactly where you want it with the help of the supplied controls. The versatility of bidets allows you to tailor your own cleaning experience.


  1. Conclude and dry: When you’re through using the bidet, make sure you turn it off using the controls. If your bidet model has a drying feature, you can use that instead of grabbing a towel.

Does A Bidet Clean As Well As Toilet Paper?

Bidets have been marketed for years as a more hygienic option than using paper towels. Home bidets, which use water to flush waste away, have the potential to lessen the spread of disease. Those with sensitive skin can especially benefit from the added comfort that bidets provide.


Although it is commonly held that bidets are more hygienic than toilet paper, this has not been proven scientifically. Furthermore, one’s experience may vary — some people may find that using a bidet leaves them feeling less clean than when using toilet paper.


It’s up to the individual to decide whether they’d rather use a bidet or toilet paper. There are benefits and drawbacks to any choice — making the right one is up to the one making it.

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What Are The Benefits Of Using A Bidet?

There are several ways in which using a bidet can improve one’s health and cleanliness. The benefits of using a bidet in the bathroom are worth exploring, so let’s get started.

1. Improved hygiene 

When compared to using only toilet paper, a bidet offers a cleaner and more efficient experience. Home bidets are convenient since they clean the entire area, including the genital and anal areas, with a light spray of water. By doing so, you may rest assured that any leftover grime, bacteria, or garbage will be gone, leading to a cleaner tushy.

2. Reduced risk of infection

According to Cleveland Clinic, one of the top medical institutions in America, for those with a vagina, a bidet can be an invaluable tool in the fight against urinary tract infections (UTIs). Proper bidet use can improve urinary health by reducing the likelihood of bacterial infection.


Care must be taken when using a bidet to avoid spreading bacteria like E. coli, which can cause UTIs, due to the close proximity of the urethra (the tube through which urine leaves the body) and the anus. 


Bidet water flow should always be directed forward, as this is the preferred direction for wiping. This reduces the likelihood of acquiring a urinary tract infection by stopping bacteria from spreading from the anal area to the vaginal area. Keeping things moving from front to back is the best way to avoid getting any bacteria on your hands while washing the outside of your body.


Secondly, the water pressure and angle must be correct. The water pressure and stream angle of the bidet must be adjusted so that water is not directed aggressively into the vagina. The objective is to wash the outside of the genitalia without getting any water within the cervix. Keeping your vagina clean won’t endanger your health if you use a soft stream of water and the right angle.


Third, only use the bidet for outside cleaning. Keep in mind that bidets are only intended for use on the outside of the body. Never put water in the vagina or any other body cavity; doing so can upset the vagina’s delicate ecosystem and increase the risk of infection.


If you are worried about getting a urinary tract infection (UTI) and are considering using a bidet, you should talk to a doctor. They will be able to tailor their advice to your condition and health background.

3. Enhanced comfort 

When opposed to using toilet paper, bidets provide a higher level of comfort, making them a popular choice among people looking to upgrade their bathroom experience. Bidets are more pleasant to use than dry toilet paper for many reasons, the most important of which is that they use water to clean rather than abrasive dry material.


Bidets are designed to promote hygiene and freshness first and foremost. After using a bidet, many people report feeling noticeably cleaner and more revitalized. This is due to the superiority of water-based cleaning in eradicating any trace of garbage or bacteria. Instead of using dry paper, which can only clean the surface, bidets use a gentle spray of water that gets into all the crevices. Users of bidets can feel cleaner and healthier thanks to the use of water for washing.


Patients recovering from surgery, new mothers, and those with IBS will find that using a bidet is a welcome relief. Because of the anus’s delicate skin and abundance of nerve endings, using dry toilet paper can be painful and irritating. Scratching the region with a dry piece of paper might aggravate irritation and cause injury. 


Supporters of bidets frequently raise doubts about the effectiveness of depending simply on a tissue for cleaning, arguing that it is insufficient when dealing with various types of soiling. They argue that if a bird pooped on you, you wouldn’t just wipe it off with dry tissue but would instead wash the area with soap and water to ensure proper cleanliness. Users of bidets adapt this logic to their own hygiene routines in order to enhance their sense of ease, cleanliness, and well-being.

4. Environmental sustainability 

Bidets have gained popularity as a sustainable replacement for regular toilet paper because of their many positive effects on the environment. The environmental benefits of bidets are becoming more and more obvious as the practice makes a resurgence and low-cost attachments make them more widely available.


Bidets have the potential to save trees and minimize deforestation, which is one of their key environmental advantages. According to CBC Canada, the pulp used in conventional toilet paper production comes largely from Canada’s boreal forests, which are a threatened ecosystem. A sizable quantity of the pulp used to make toilet paper in North America originates from these woods. By using a bidet instead of toilet paper, consumers can help conserve forests by reducing the demand for pulp.


Saving trees isn’t the only way bidets help the environment, though. There is a significant amount of water used in the production of toilet paper — one estimate puts the amount at 140 litres. If you use a bidet instead of just toilet paper, you can save a lot of water because the water jets do most of the cleaning. One of our most valuable resources is being conserved because of this water efficiency.


Bidets also aid in waste reduction because they cut down on the need for toilet paper, which in turn reduces the amount of paper and plastic used to package it. 


An astounding 6,886 rolls are used by the typical Canadian during the course of a lifetime. With a bidet, customers can simply rinse and pat dry with a reusable cloth or wipe, cutting down on paper consumption. Using a bidet can help the environment since it reduces the need for toilet paper, which in turn reduces the amount of plastic needed in packaging those rolls.


The logistics and travel required in supplying toilet paper are other factors to think about. Toilet paper production, from raw materials to finished products, is a major source of energy use and pollution. Using a bidet instead of toilet paper reduces the need for transporting the product, which in turn reduces the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere.


If you need an experienced plumber to help you install a bidet and save the environment, check out our Etobicoke bathroom fixture services.

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5. Prevents diaper rash in babies and toddlers

Home bidets can be a helpful, convenient, and hygienic solution to the problem of diaper rash in infants and young children. Diaper rash can be caused by irritants left behind after using baby wipes, which are widely used but may not always cleaned thoroughly. Here’s when the usefulness of a bidet toilet seat really shines.


Using a bidet toilet seat can make it easier to clean up after changing your child’s diaper. Help your child sit on the toilet, select the wash function, and watch as the bidet seat cleans up afterward. This not only makes it easier for parents to clean up after their child, but it also helps protect against and soothe diaper rash.


Children who have difficulty using toilet paper independently or who have particular requirements may benefit greatly from the use of a bidet toilet seat. The bidet toilet seat is an excellent resource for illustrating how simple it is to practice good hygiene even without close parental monitoring. As kids become older, they can start taking responsibility for doing things like this on their own.


Bidet toilet seats have a number of benefits, one of which is their simplicity of use. The water pressure, temperature, nozzle location, and spray breadth are all user-friendly controls. In this way, kids can tailor their cleaning sessions to their specific preferences. In addition, many bidet toilet seats have a warm air dryer feature that is safe and effective for use by youngsters.


A child’s natural curiosity about the world around them may cause parents to worry about the bidet toilet seat being used inappropriately. Home bidet toilet seats, on the other hand, are built with security in mind. The built-in pressure sensors detect when your child is safely fastened into the seat and turn off the device to avoid any unintended use.


You may provide your child with a more sanitary and pleasant experience during diaper changes by using a bidet toilet seat. Bidets provide effective cleansing, lowering the probability of diaper rash and other forms of skin irritation. They also teach kids to look for themselves by encouraging them to practice good hygiene on their own. Bidet toilet seats make it easier to keep your child clean and comfortable while you change their diapers.

6. Suitable for individuals with mobility issues

People with limited mobility or impairments might benefit immensely from using bidet seats since they make personal hygiene easier and foster greater autonomy. These seats are made to be used with ease by people with disabilities right out of the box. Bidet seats are convenient for those with mobility issues because they do not require transferring, as is the case with traditional bidets.


Using a bidet seat eliminates the need for excessive squatting and bending over to wipe. There is no need to stretch or reach when cleaning because everything is done automatically with a small, adjustable nozzle. Those who have mobility issues will appreciate this greatly. Changing the pressure of the water coming out of the bidet seat’s knobs is simple, allowing for a relaxing and effective cleaning.


Some home bidet seats contain a drying feature to help those who have trouble drying themselves after using the facility. The skin is sprayed with warm air, and the user is ensured that they are completely dry before they leave the bidet.


Those who have trouble getting around may find that they need fewer showers or baths while using a bidet seat. Those who have trouble thoroughly cleansing themselves after using the restroom may find that a bidet seat helps them feel cleaner and more hygienic after each visit. Having more confidence and a more general sense of cleanliness can result from this.


Armrests, grab bars, and toilet risers can all be used in conjunction with a bidet seat to provide even more support and stability for people with mobility impairments. If you or a loved one has mobility issues, it is in your best interest to do some research and invest in a bidet seat made with those people in mind.


People who have trouble moving around may find that using a bidet seat in the bathroom makes a world of difference in terms of cleanliness, simplicity of use, autonomy, and general happiness.

What Features Should You Look For In A Bidet?

It’s crucial to think about how a bidet’s characteristics match up with your needs and wants before making a purchase. When shopping for a bidet, here are some extras to consider:

Nozzle position and adjustability

Try to find a bidet where you can change the nozzle’s orientation. The best possible cleaning for your needs is guaranteed in this way.


Almost all bidet chairs have nozzles that may extend or retract to provide the optimal spray position for each individual user. You can adjust the nozzle position on most bidet seats to four or five different settings, with each adjustment ranging from around half an inch to an inch. In order to clean a larger surface area, some models include an oscillating wash function that rotates the nozzle back and forth throughout the range of nozzle positions during the wash cycle.

Self-cleaning nozzle

Better sanitation can be achieved with the use of a self-cleaning nozzle, found on some home bidets.


This helpful function is included on many high-end bidet models and works to maintain a germ-free nozzle. The spray nozzle is cleaned by water rinsing as part of the nozzle cleaning function, both before and after a wash cycle. In order to ensure that the entire length of the nozzle is sterilized, the nozzle will oscillate back and forth when the sterilization function is engaged. 


Some modern bidets even have built-in UV sanitizers. The Kohler C3 230 and the Bio Bidet Discovery DLS, among others, use ultraviolet light to clean their nozzles in a more comprehensive manner. The use of ultraviolet (UV) light will help keep your nozzle clean and germ-free.

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Air dryer

After washing your hands, an air dryer feature can be used instead of toilet paper for a quick and easy drying solution.


Electric bidet seats have a warm air dryer, which is both practical and a nice luxury to have. After using the rear wash feature, your buttocks will need to be dried, and this feature will do just that with a gentle stream of warm air. You may get deeper cleaning and improve your hygiene by using the warm air dryer as part of your regular cleaning regimen.


The warm air drier runs for 45 seconds to 1 minute after being turned on. Some users may be able to get by with just one drying cycle, but others may need to use it more than once to get the best results. Keep in mind that everyone’s body is different, so how long you use it may vary.


The efficiency of the warm air dryer can be affected by factors such as body size and sitting position. Drying cycles may need to be repeated for larger loads, while smaller loads may only need to run the dryer once. A more thorough dry can also be achieved by shifting your seating position on the bidet seat or by sitting further back.


It’s important to note that dryers for bidet seats have their limits. Bidet seat dryers can’t be made too powerful because of space and cleanliness limits. They may not have the same power as the standard hand dryers used in public restrooms, but they do deliver a warm and gentle stream of air. However, with practice and knowledge, you may learn how to adjust the warm air dryer for maximum drying effectiveness.

Dual nozzles

Home bidets with two spray nozzles, or “nozzles,” are a modern convenience. One nozzle is designed specifically for feminine hygiene, while the other can be used for general self-cleaning. Since dual nozzle bidets are more hygienic and comfortable than standard bidets or toilet paper, their popularity has increased.


Better hygiene, less chance of illness, more comfort, and less impact on the environment are the key advantages of utilizing a dual nozzle bidet. Dual nozzle bidets enable a more complete cleaning, dislodging any remaining dirt, bacteria, or waste, by directing separate streams of water at separate body parts. Infections like UTIs and hemorrhoids are less likely to occur as a result.


Many people think that using a dual nozzle bidet is more relaxing than using a standard bidet or toilet paper. Selecting a specific water stream for a specific body part might make bathing more comfortable and less harsh.


You should think about the water temperature, spray pressure, oscillation cleanse feature, heated seat, and remote control while choosing a twin nozzle bidet. These additions have the potential to improve the experience overall while also satisfying specific user requirements.

Energy-saving mode

Did you know that many bidet seats already have an energy-saving feature built-in? This convenient function can be accessed via the bidet’s remote control, side panel, or the auxiliary buttons on the seat itself. 


Some bidets have an energy-saving option that lowers the temperature of the bidet’s seat and sprays to conserve water. When the bidet seat’s energy-saving mode is engaged, the seat and water spray temperature is reduced when the seat is not in use. When someone activates the seat sensor by sitting down, the seat temperature and water temperature will automatically restore to their previous, pre-user values. 


By lowering power consumption even when in use, consumers can save money on their monthly utility bills and the environmental impact of their bidet seats. Some bidet toilet seat types will furthermore feature an ultra-power-saving mode. In superpower savings mode, you may reduce your energy consumption and save the maximum money possible.

Child-friendly features

Some home bidets offer child mode settings or smaller-sized nozzles to accommodate children’s needs.


Some bidets feature a setting specifically designed for children, which lowers the water temperature and softens the spray pressure. For young toddlers who may be uncomfortable with high water temperatures or pressure, this is a great feature to have.


Children will also be able to use some bidets because of height adjustments. This option gives kids more freedom when using the bidet.


In addition, most bidets for kids include simple controls that are either built into the side of the unit or are accessible via a separate remote. Because of the bidet’s intuitive design, even young toddlers may use it with ease.


Some bidets have entertaining extras designed to make using them more interesting for kids. Some of them may have lights that turn on automatically at night, others may have water jets that can be used for games, and yet others may have speakers that play music while they are being used.

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What Are The Different Types Of Bidets?

Adding a bidet to your bathroom setup can do wonders for your health, your wallet, and your peace of mind. Find the bidet that best suits your needs and preferences, and enjoy the benefits it provides in terms of cleanliness, the environment, and your general health and happiness.


Depending on your preferences and requirements, you can choose from a variety of bidet models. Some of the most typical examples are as follows:

1. Stand-alone bidets

Separate from the toilet itself, a bidet can be found in the form of a stand-alone fixture. They call for additional plumbing work and look like a basin or bowl. The water temperature, spray pressure, and nozzle placement on these bidets may all be modified to suit the user’s preferences. Independent bidets have earned a reputation for being the pinnacle of opulent personal hygiene.


If you’re planning on installing stand-alone bidets, don’t hesitate to contact our fixture installation services in Etobicoke!

2. Bidet seats

Bidet seats are affixed to the top of a standard toilet seat. They offer a low-priced substitute to traditional bidets while maintaining similar functionality. Bidet seats typically have features like air drying and heated seats in addition to adjustable water temperature, spray pressure, and nozzle positions. They can be easily installed and provide a more sanitary and practical alternative to standard toilet seats.

3. Handheld bidets

Personal hygiene has never been more convenient than with the use of a handheld bidet. A spray nozzle is attached to a movable hose that is then connected to the water supply of the toilet. Portable bidets are the most economical choice, and they also provide ease of use and portability. If you just need anything to get the job done, they’re a good option.


Your individual requirements, tastes, and financial constraints should all be taken into account when making your bidet purchase. A standalone bidet may be the way to go if you’re looking for a thorough experience with a wide range of customization possibilities. A bidet seat or handheld bidet, however, can provide an excellent and more cost-effective solution if you prioritize price and convenience. 


You should probably try out a bidet before deciding whether or not to buy one if you are still on the fence about it. You may try out a bidet at many different hotels, spas, and even some retailers. This first-hand knowledge can guide your decision-making and help you pick the finest possible solution. 


With the promise of enhanced cleanliness and comfort, bidets can be a welcome addition to your daily bathroom routine. You can make a well-informed decision about whether to join the exciting new world of bidets or to remain with the tried-and-true road of traditional toilet paper by weighing the pros and downsides and taking personal preferences into account.

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If you want your bidet to last as long as possible and work as efficiently as possible, you need to have a professional install it. Professional, dependable, and quick service is what you can expect from our team of plumbers in Etobicoke that specialize in installing bidet fixtures. You can rest assured that your bidet will be fitted properly and expertly with our help.


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