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Sounds of hot water heaters

Humming/Buzzing Sounds

Your water heater might make a humming or buzzing sound for a few reasons. One reason could be that the heating element is not securely attached. If the heating element becomes loose, it will start shaking against the tank, creating a humming noise. 

Mississauga residents, if you hear a perplexing hum or buzz from your water heater, you’re not alone. The answers are provided by our experts at Precise Plumbing. From loose heating elements to sediment buildup, we can quickly diagnose and repair these issues. Let us not allow minor sounds to escalate into major problems; we have the experience to address these

Tapping or Ticking Sounds

You might hear tapping or ticking sounds coming from your water heater for a few possible reasons. When dirt and debris collect at the bottom of the tank, it causes the main reason for this problem. Sediment accumulation can block the water flow and make the tank too hot. Sediment can make a tapping or ticking sound when it expands and contracts.

Your Mississauga water heater may cause disruptive tapping or ticking sounds. Our skilled technicians often resolve this common issue, which is often tied to sediment. Trust our team to restore tranquillity to your home. 

Screeching, Screaming, or Singing Sounds

If you hear sounds like screeching, screaming, or singing coming from your water heater, it is usually an indication that the water heater is pushing water under pressure through a small opening.

Our Mississauga water heater experts can handle screeching, screaming, or singing sounds with ease. We’ll swiftly pinpoint the source, whether it’s a closed valve, a clogged pipe, or a problem with the pressure relief valve. We will maintain the safety and serenity of your home with our rapid repairs.

Hammering/Knocking Sounds

Something called a water hammer usually causes the loud banging or knocking noises you hear from your water heater. The water flow in a pipe suddenly stopping or slowing down causes a water hammer. A sudden increase in pressure inside a pipe creates a shock wave that vibrates the pipe. The shaking causes a loud banging or knocking noise.

Our Mississauga water heater technicians can easily handle the water hammer and its associated hammering or knocking sounds. We silence noisy disruptions by addressing valve, pipe fitting, water pressure, and sediment issues.

Rumbling, Popping, Crackling Noises

Sediment buildup or heating element problems typically cause the rumbling, popping, and crackling sounds in your Mississauga water heater. Our experienced team will resolve these issues, ensuring that your water heater operates quietly and efficiently.

Clicking Sounds on Tankless Heaters

The water moving through the unit might be causing the clicking sounds. If the water flow is insufficient, the unit can become too hot and shut off. If the device turns on and off frequently, it might produce a clicking noise.

Our experts have the solutions if your tankless water heater in Mississauga clicks during normal operation, expansion and contraction, water flow, or ignition and combustion. We will address these issues and restore the quiet performance of your tankless heater.

Precise Plumbing in Mississauga doesn’t just identify water heater sounds; we provide effective solutions. Contact us today and experience peace and comfort in your home.

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