How to Limit The Damage from a Burst Pipe: Effective Strategies for Minimizing Water Damage

April 25, 2023by Precise Plumbing

Pipe leaks and burst pipes are one of the most common plumbing problems a homeowner can experience. Calling a plumber is the best option, you should be prepared to handle the situation until they arrive. In this article, we’ll show you how to limit the damage from a burst pipe or pipe leak before your plumber arrives.

How to Limit the Damage From a Burst Pipe or Pipe Leak

Call Your Plumber

Your plumber should be the first person you call in the event of a plumbing emergency. Don’t hesitate to call your plumber and explain the situation. If you’re unable to call because you’re the one managing the problem, ask whoever is with you to call an emergency plumber.


You must have access to at least three plumbers’ contact information. In the event that your go-to plumber is booked solid, you can always have a backup. Avoid forgetting about the repair by calling your plumber as soon as possible. You know that life can get hectic, and it’s easy to forget about the leaking pipe in the kitchen until it’s too late.


In the initial stage, an emergency plumber may restore water flow to the home, temporarily clear the obstruction, and conduct other manipulations. But the next day, he’ll have to keep working on it till it’s fixed.


The price of services should be considered independently. The prices charged by an emergency plumber are more expensive. To avoid paying extra fees, it’s best to contact your local Oakville plumber if you’re not dealing with a real plumbing emergency.

Switch Off The Water Supply

It can be difficult, for instance, to repair a leaking pipe while water is still dripping from it. Water pressure can easily blow any seal you attach, leaving you with little choice but to do nothing. So, after having someone call a plumber, knowing how to limit the damage from a burst pipe means turning off the water supply before attempting to fix any leaks. If you live alone, you can do this step first before calling your plumber.


In the event of a burst pipe that threatens to flood the basement, the first step is to locate the source of the problem and shut off the water supply.


Turning off the source not only reduces labour but also keeps things more orderly. Turning off the main water valve reduces the amount of standing water that needs to be drained. To make matters more amusing, some people in Oakville don’t even know where their water mains are. If that describes you, it’s time you found. It’s impossible to predict when a catastrophe will strike, so best be prepared.

pipes with valves

Open Drains

There will still be water in the pipes even after you’ve turned off the main valve. Turn on outdoor drains or move water away from your home using hoses if there is any standing water.


Before your Oakville plumber arrives to analyze the situation, you can use a plunger to remove small obstructions. Avoid using chemical cleaners because they can corrode and deteriorate the pipes. Using a plunger on a small clog can move the blockage just enough to allow water to flow out of the property.


By taking these measures, you may alleviate further strain on a damaged household plumbing system and locate the source of the emergency repair with ease.

Don’t Attempt to DIY

Knowing how to limit the damage from a burst pipe means avoiding do-it-yourself (DIY) solutions as a general rule of thumb because there are more effective tools that you might not have. Many people like to imagine themselves as amateur plumbers and repair crews, and it can be difficult to refrain from removing leaking or collapsed pipe joints with a wrench.


It’s not worth the danger of making things worse in the plumbing system and having to pay for an expensive emergency repair if you don’t have the proper training, experience, and certification to do so.


A visible leak can be temporarily fixed by applying a plumber’s tape to the leaking joint or fixture or by placing towels or rags down to soak up the moisture and stop the water from accumulating and flooding the area.


In the event of leaks, you should place a bucket (or several buckets) under the source or sources of the leak to collect the drip and contain the water as best you can until the plumber arrives. This will prevent any additional water damage from occurring.

Turn Off Appliances and Electricity

There is a significant risk of electrocution or house wiring damage if you use electrical items that have been damaged by water or are plugged in near a flooded region.


If you suspect a plumbing issue, turn off all nearby electrical appliances by unplugging their power cords. If you have power outlets within the flooding area, you should turn off the circuit breaker to be safe. You can also contact an electrician if you feel like it’s necessary.

Move Your Belongings Out of the Way

After ensuring that you and your loved ones are safe from immediate dangers like flooding, fire, and electricity, you can focus on salvaging what you can. Take this time to rescue anything you can from the flooded area and transport it to higher ground. Remove anything that could be ruined by the water and clean up the rest.


It’s important to evaluate the extent of the damage to furniture. The degree of damage, item worth, emotional value, and expected restoration costs should all factor into such choices. It is likely to be worthwhile to restore an antique. You might be able to clean and restore antiques on your own unless the damage is too great.


Additionally, don’t try to pry open doors or drawers made of wood that have swelled. Instead, remove the furniture’s back to increase airflow. After the drawers dry, you should be able to open them.


As for electronics, it’s advisable to wait for the water to drain before turning on the power to any appliances that may have been submerged during a flood. This should never be done while you’re soaking wet.

circuit breakers

Follow Other Instructions Your Plumber Says

It’s common for people to forget to call a plumber until it’s too late. Calling immediately will minimize the damage. The benefit of making contact quickly is that you will receive prompt assistance.


Here at Precise Plumbing, we make sure that we give you the best possible assistance to help you how to limit the damage from a burst pipe. The skilled plumbers in our team will respond to your call and can also advise you on the safety of the issue.


Please follow the instructions of our Precise Plumbing repair services if they advise you to evacuate your home. Additionally, if you have a regular plumber in Oakville, they might have specific measures to help you deal with your pipe leak or burst pipe that we haven’t mentioned in this article.