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Sounds of hot water heaters

Humming/Buzzing Sounds

There are a few reasons why you might hear a humming or buzzing sound coming from your water heater. One possible reason could be a loose heating element. If the heating element becomes loose, it might start vibrating against the tank, which can cause a humming sound. Another reason could be that there is a collection of sediment at the bottom of the tank. When sediment accumulates, it can block the water flow and make the tank get too hot. This can also make a humming noise.

Hey Etobicoke residents! If you’ve been hearing a puzzling hum or buzz coming from your water heater, don’t worry, you’re not alone. It’s actually a pretty common concern. At Precise Plumbing, we have a lot of experience dealing with this problem. Our team is here to help with any issues you may be experiencing with your heating system. Our goal is to prevent small noises from turning into big problems that cause headaches.

Tapping or Ticking Sounds

This is another normal sound your hot water heater could make. It indicates the check valves inside the heater is preventing water from flowing backwards. You can talk to your plumber about alternative options if the sounds are annoying to you.

Screeching, Screaming, or Singing Sounds

There could be a few reasons why you are hearing tapping or ticking sounds coming from your water heater. The primary cause of this problem occurs when sediment builds up at the bottom of the tank. When sediment builds up, it can obstruct the flow of water and cause the tank to become excessively hot. The sediment can expand and contract, resulting in a tapping or ticking sound.

The presence of tapping or ticking sounds coming from your water heater in Etobicoke can disturb your tranquilly. Our skilled technicians are experienced in resolving issues related to sediment on a regular basis. They have the knowledge and expertise to efficiently address this problem. You can rely on us to bring back a peaceful atmosphere to your home.

Hammering/Knocking Sounds

The hammering or knocking sounds that you hear from your water heater are typically caused by a phenomenon known as a water hammer. A water hammer occurs when the flow of water in a pipe is abruptly halted or reduced. If there is a sudden increase in pressure within a pipe, it can cause a shock wave that leads to vibrations in the pipe. The vibration can cause a hammering or knocking sound.

Our Etobicoke water heater technicians are skilled at handling water hammers and the associated hammering or knocking sounds. We specialize in resolving problems related to valves, pipe fittings, water pressure, and sediment. Our expertise includes eliminating disruptive noises caused by these issues.

Rumbling, Popping, Crackling Noises

The noises you hear coming from your water heater in Etobicoke, such as rumbling, popping, and crackling sounds, are usually caused by two main issues: sediment buildup or problems with the heating element. Our team of experts has the knowledge and skills to effectively resolve these issues with your water heater. We will make sure that it operates quietly and efficiently.

Clicking Sounds on Tankless Heaters

The clicking sounds could be caused by the movement of water flowing through the unit. If the water flow is insufficient, it can lead to overheating of the unit, resulting in a shutdown. The unit may produce a clicking sound when it turns on and off repeatedly.

If you notice that your tankless water heater in Etobicoke is making clicking sounds during its regular operation, such as when it expands and contracts, when water flows through it, or during ignition and combustion, our experts have the solutions to address these issues. We will address these issues and restore the quiet performance of your tankless heater.

At Precise Plumbing in Etobicoke, we don’t just identify water heater sounds – we also offer effective solutions. Get in touch with us now to experience a peaceful and comfortable home.

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