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Drain Repair in Oakville


Do you smell mold or mildew coming from your basement? When there is a heavy rainfall, do you notice water in your basement? If you answered yes to these questions, you may have a wet basement which can cause damage to your home’s substance, impairment to your personal belongings, and severe health conditions that may be devastating and irreversible.


No need to worry any further! Our Etobicoke Plumbers are connoisseurs at recognizing and solving wet basement issues. They will first perform a complete inspection in your home starting with the roof and siding, which tend to allow water to leak through the fastest, therefore causing extensive damage. Secondly, they will need to inspect for any cracks in the foundation of your home, which can allow for water to seep through to the home, therefore causing damage. Although these are the most common issues known to be the culprit of causing wetness to your basement, there may be more reasons why water is leaking.


Therefore, for best results to ensure the safety of your home and family, there are two general methods commonly used to solve wet basement issues: interior and exterior waterproofing.

Interior Waterproofing

Hydrostatic pressure may be one of the causes why water may be entering the basement. This occurs when the groundwater level rises and falls and is pushed through the foundation walls due to the pressure, which would entitle interior waterproofing necessary to be completed. Interior waterproofing may also need to be done when the exterior of a foundation may not be easily accessible. The following are the steps to complete the interior waterproofing process:
Drain Repair in Oakville
  • page8_img7A low channel is dug around the inner perimeter of the basement, ranging from six to ten inches from the wall of the foundation. This includes breaking through the basement floor.
  • page8_img8Weeping tile is fitted in the channel and directed so water streams into a floor drain or sump pump.
  • page8_img12Drainage membrane is then inputted on unprotected external walls where the drainage system has been installed.
  • page8_img13A coating of gravel is placed over the weeping tile to maximize drainage.
  • page8_img14Concrete is now dispensed over top the system and smoothed so that the floor is brought back to its original state.
  • page8_img15The system drains water from both above and below and keeps the basement dry.

Exterior Waterproofing

Exterior waterproofing is another effective method that can be used to resolve a wet basement. This method involves sealing the basement in a water-resistant envelope to prevent water from entering. This method is usually done when the damage caused is a result of both foundation leaks and hydrostatic pressure.
  • page8_img7Channels will be mined around the foundation of the home, approximately two to three feet out.
  • page8_img8Old weeping tile is removed and replaced with new weeping tiles with filter cloth.
  • page8_img12The foundation walls are carefully examined, looking for any flaws or cavities where water could possibly go in. Hydraulic cement will be used to repair any of the voids found.
  • page8_img13A rubber membrane is applied to the entire substance, standing-in as the core barricade for keeping outside water out of the basement.
  • page8_img14Drainage membrane is then installed to the entire foundation.
  • page8_img15To help direct water enter the weeping tile for better drainage, gravel is then laid over the channel.
  • page8_img16The soil is then used to finish backfilling the channel and the basement is now completely waterproofed.


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