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Are you noticing a drop in your water pressure, or dry areas on your property?This may be a product of a damaged main water line in Etobicoke. A main water line affects your water supply because it is the line that carries water from the municipal supply into your home. .
Main water lines may become damaged from instances such as the water lines reaching its lifespan, poor installation, freezing temperatures, low-quality pipes, and much more. Main water lines may also leak from being hit from a shovel or other sturdy equipment, or from tree roots from an old tree or new trees being planted.
Previously, the only method offered to repair a broken or damaged water line was to dig a ditch running through the entire length of the line and replace it. Fortunately, new technology exists now that allows the water line to be repaired without digging the entire line, therefore reducing the damage to the property, minimizing costs, as well as limiting pollution to the earth.
Only fully licensed and highly trained plumbers are qualified to use such innovations, which luckily all our Etobicoke plumbers at Precise Plumbing are qualified to do.
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Once a leak in the main water line has been confirmed, our skilled plumbers will dig two small shafts: where the municipal water supply meets the main water line and where the water line connects to the home.
page4_img5Parallel to the old line, an air powered torpedo will be inserted into the earth in one shaft. Close to the location of the old line, the torpedo will be tunneled through the ground. An air hose powering the torpedo follows through the canal being excavated.
A new plastic pipe is attached to the hose once the torpedo digs all the way to the other shaft, which is located in the newly-dug canal.
The hose that is now attached to the new pipe is cautiously hauled through the canal that the torpedo has mined by one of our plumbers, while another one is carefully feeding the new pipe into the canal.
One end is connected to the municipal water source line once the new pipe is entirely hauled through, and the other is attached to the home water supply line.
The new main water line has now been successfully installed with minimum disturbance to the property.
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The staff with Precise Plumbing has experience with every type of water line repair situation encountered.
Our plumbing experts Etobicoke are happy to answer any questions about water line repair and would be happy to visit your property to make specific recommendations.

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