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Sounds of hot water heaters

Humming/Buzzing Sounds

There are a few reasons why your water heater might make a humming or buzzing sound. One reason might be that the heating element is not securely attached. If the heating element becomes loose, it may start shaking against the tank, which can create a humming noise. Another possible reason is that there is a buildup of sediment at the bottom of the tank. When sediment builds up, it can stop the water from flowing and cause the tank to become too hot. It can also produce a humming sound.

In Oakville, many people experience a mysterious humming or buzzing sound coming from their water heater. But don’t be concerned – Precise Plumbing is available to offer solutions. Our team can quickly identify and fix problems like loose heating elements and sediment buildup. Don’t worry about small noises, we will take care of everything.

Tapping or Ticking Sounds

There are a few possible reasons why you might be hearing tapping or ticking sounds coming from your water heater. The main reason for this problem is when dirt and debris collect at the bottom of the tank. When sediment accumulates, it can block the water flow and make the tank too hot. When sediment expands and contracts, it can make a tapping or ticking sound.

Hearing tapping or ticking sounds coming from your Oakville water heater can be annoying. Our skilled technicians are experienced in resolving this common issue, which often occurs due to sediment. You can rely on us to make your home quiet again.

Screeching, Screaming, or Singing Sounds

This sound will occur when water is being forced through a smaller opening from the pressure behind it. While not a major concern, it could indicate a valve somewhere on the heater is not opened fully. If the noise is bothersome, ask your plumber to check the valves to ensure they are open and set correctly.

Hammering/Knocking Sounds

The loud banging or knocking noises you hear from your water heater are usually caused by something called a water hammer. A water hammer happens when the water flow in a pipe suddenly stops or slows down. When the pressure inside a pipe suddenly increases, it can create a shock wave that causes the pipe to vibrate. The shaking can make a loud banging or knocking noise.

Our Oakville water heater technicians are skilled at dealing with water hammer and the loud knocking sounds it produces. We can help you with problems related to valves, pipe fittings, water pressure, and sediment. Our goal is to resolve these issues and eliminate any noise disturbances they may be causing.

Rumbling, Popping, Crackling Noises

The noises you hear coming from your Oakville water heater, like rumbling, popping, and crackling, are usually caused by two things: sediment buildup or issues with the heating element. Our experienced team is ready to fix these problems, making sure your water heater works quietly and effectively.

Clicking Sounds on Tankless Heaters

The clicking sounds might be caused by the water moving through the unit. If there isn’t enough water flowing, the unit can get too hot and turn off. The device might make a clicking noise if it turns on and off frequently.

If your tankless water heater in Oakville is making clicking sounds, our experts can help you fix the issue. The clicking sounds can happen during normal operation when the heater expands and contracts, when water flows through it, or during ignition and combustion. We will address these problems and fix your tankless heater so that it operates quietly again.

In Oakville, Precise Plumbing can help you identify and fix any strange sounds coming from your water heater. They have effective solutions to resolve the issue. Get in touch with us now to experience a peaceful and comfortable home.

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