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Get ready to safeguard your home’s foundation and protect your basement from the relentless forces of water. At Precise Plumbing, we excel in sealing basements in Oakville. Say goodbye to the worries of water damage, as our comprehensive methods ensure a dry and secure basement.
Our arsenal of advanced techniques is designed to prevent water infiltration from every angle. Our services include:


  • Exterior waterproofing: We install drainage systems around your house to keep water out of your basement.
  • Interior waterproofing: We fill cracks and holes in your basement walls and floors to prevent water intrusion.

Oakville Exterior Waterproofing Services

Waterproofing the exterior of your home can make a significant difference and offer numerous benefits. At Precise Plumbing, we understand the importance of this service, which enhances the safety and value of your home.
By waterproofing the outside of your house, you shield it from the devastating effects of water damage. Bid farewell to the presence of mold, mildew, and structural decay. Our meticulously crafted barrier eliminates these hazards and preserves your home’s integrity. This proactive step ensures your home’s longevity by protecting its foundation.
Exterior sealing yields effects that extend beyond the visible and tangible. You won’t need to move your belongings or avoid using your basement during heavy rainfall. Embrace the freedom and flexibility of a dry basement, offering a multitude of possibilities. Imagine the joy of transforming this space into a personal haven for storage, leisure, or even an additional living area. With external protection, the choice is yours.

Interior Waterproofing Services in Oakville

Precise Plumbing, a reputable name in Oakville, can assist you in finding the optimal solution for your damp basement. We understand that homeowners often worry about water seepage through foundation cracks, window wells, and malfunctioning sump pumps. Don’t let the consequences of water damage weigh you down any longer. Instead, let our indoor waterproofing services transform your life.
We possess the expertise and experience to address every crack and leak in your foundation. But our commitment to excellence doesn’t stop there.
At Precise Plumbing, we go above and beyond to ensure your basement remains dry and secure. We enhance your sanctuary by installing a state-of-the-art sump pump, providing an additional layer of protection against water havoc. Trust us to pay meticulous attention to detail as we create an environment that is impervious to water infiltration.

Foundation Crack Repair Services in Oakville

With the assistance of Precise Plumbing, you can safeguard the very foundation of your Oakville home. Foundation cracks are a common issue in the area, leading to water damage, mold growth, and even structural instability.
To prevent further deterioration, prompt action is crucial. You can rely on our tried-and-true method, epoxy injection, which swiftly and effectively seals foundation cracks, safeguarding your home from the perils of water damage.
At Precise Plumbing, we possess extensive knowledge in repairing foundation cracks. With over 20 years of experience dedicated solely to foundation repairs in Alliston, we have an unrivaled track record of success.
Every aspect of our service reflects our unwavering commitment to excellence. From selecting top-quality products to employing cutting-edge techniques, we leave no stone unturned to provide a solution that exceeds your expectations. We take pride in our work, which is why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Your peace of mind is our top priority.
Elevate the comfort, convenience, and value of your home to new heights. Trust the professionals at Precise Plumbing to provide the peace of mind you deserve. Experience the unbeatable benefits of protecting your home from water damage and enjoy a worry-free life. Contact us immediately to witness the incredible transformation that awaits you.