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The weather is unpredictable in Ontario, where we are exposed to extreme heavy rainfalls, snowfalls, and wind. This may have a negative impact to your home, especially your basement. During the wet seasons, the water level may be reaching the foundation in your home, resulting is outflows of water entering your basement through the foundation or through other available openings.

People often wonder what the best approach is when dealing with these unpredictable incidents that may arise. Should you just leave it as is and hope it does not happen to you? Should you get premium insurance coverage to cover these losses? Or should you be pro active and try preventing any damage happening by getting a sump pump installed? To prevent any damage from even happening, the best solution would be to have a sump pump installed.


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Battery backup installation


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What is a sump pump?

In the basement, there is a low area set aside to catch water that flows through the building. A hole has been dug in the ground here to hold a sump pump. Most of the time, the sump is 18 inches across and 24 inches deep.

There are two main parts of a sump pump: the mechanical pump parts and the float switch. The float switch’s job is to find out how much water is in the tank. This turns on the motor parts that pump out the water. The mechanical parts of the pump help move water out of the system through lines that have a one-way valve to stop the water from going back in.

Why Is A Sump Pump Essential?

Installing sump pumps in the basement has various advantages and makes them necessary. Installing a sump pump is essential because flooding could cause major damage without one. What are the advantages of getting rid of the flooded water, then?

Sump pumps, first and foremost, shield wall paints from fading and flaking. It shields metallic foundation structures from corrosion that could come from coming into contact with water after the paint has peeled off. Furthermore, this pump helps prevent the growth of dangerous insects that may reside in flooded water, as well as other organisms like mould and fungus.

Common Sump Pumps Faults?

As with any other mechanical system, sump pumps can develop problems. Let’s talk about some of the problems that crop up after putting up a sump pump.

It is well known that pumps necessitate a constant supply of electricity. Faulty connections, either during setup or after the fact due to manipulation, are a potential source of trouble. If a connection fails, the pump could stop working entirely.

Failure of the motor, the outlet pipes, or the float switch are other possibilities. Poor power connection or lack of maintenance could be to blame for some of these problems.

How to Remedy These Issues

The best thing that can be done is to get help from skilled plumbers, whether the problems are caused by bad installation or bad maintenance. Precise Plumbing is the best company to call if you need plumbing work done in Oakville or anywhere else in the city.

Precise Plumbing provides good services, such as setting up and fixing sump pumps. Since we’ve been in business for more than 20 years, you can be sure that we have experience in this area. Get in touch with us whenever you need our helpful and skilled experts to help you.

For the safety of your home and the health of the people who live there, sump pumps are important. So, if you need help with sump pumps, you should call Precise Plumbers. Our skilled Oakville plumbers can put in a sump pump in your home or business if you call us at 905-502-5739.

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