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There are many reasons people call the plumber in Mississauga. Some have backed-up drains and toilets. Others have wet or flooded basements. Still others lose pressure in their water supply.
The expert staff with Precise Plumbing are qualified to diagnose and remedy all plumbing issues that those in search of Mississauga plumbers might encounter. We are available to answer questions regarding all of the services that we provide.

Services offered by Precise Plumbing include:


Toilet Repair

In addition to installing new toilets, Precise Plumbing is available to service existing fixtures. We are ready to inspect toilets that are blocked or backed-up. We will determine the root cause of any back-up and advise you, with regard to options that are available to remove the blockage or correct any other possible cause. We can also test toilets for leaks, which can result in significant waste and increased water bills. Our goal is to exceed our customers’ expectations, with regard to all of our work.

Kitchen and Bath

If you’re looking for a plumber in Mississauga to install new kitchen and bath fixtures or fix issues such as leaking taps, you need look no further than Precise Plumbing. We would be happy to answer all of your questions with regard to kitchen or bath plumbing, including sinks, tubs and fixtures and we are available to schedule an appointment to visit your home to provide recommendations.


Do you smell mold or mildew in your basement? Have you found water on the floor in the basement? There are several causes for these conditions, some of which, if allowed to continue unabated, may result in the need for costly repairs. Repairs that can be easily avoided. Precise Plumbing employs two primary forms of basement waterproofing: inside and outside. The best solution for basement waterproofing depends on factors, such as accessibility and water source. Our staff would be happy to visit your location and provide recommendations with regard to your specific wet basement concerns.

Drains and Sewers

Toilets and drains can stop working for several reasons. They may become blocked with hair or grease from cooking, which is easily remedied. They may also become blocked if the drain pipe collapses or becomes crushed or otherwise damaged. Using a remote video camera our staff can determine the exact location and cause of any blocked or damaged drain or sewer line. In many instances, we are able to use trenchless methods that greatly reduce the amount of disturbance to properties and the cost to the customer, compared with traditional trenched drain and sewer repair and replacement.

Water Lines

Have you noticed a drop in water pressure or water pooling on areas of your property that should be dry? A damaged main water line may be the cause and should be remedied as soon as possible. We offer trenchless water line repair technology that greatly reduces cost and disruption to your property. We are happy to answer your questions and visit your location to provide recommendations. Our goal is to exceed your expectations with regard to all of our work, on every job we complete.

Foreing Object – debris


Collaps – Broken Pipe


Misaligned – offset pipe joint


Belly – dip in pipe

Water Heaters

No matter what type of water heater issue you are facing, if you are in need of an Mississauga plumber who is qualified and experienced with servicing and installing every major water heating system in use today, look no further than Precise Plumbing. Call us today with any water heater questions or concerns: (647) 878-9293. We are also delighted to respond to inquiries via e-mail at: info@mypreciseplumbing.com. We are water heater emergency specialists. Some problems involving water heaters may be dangerous, contact Precise Plumbing at the first sign of trouble and we would be happy to help.